Agenda and minutes

Petition Hearing - Cabinet Member for Planning and Transportation
Wednesday, 12th July, 2017 7.00 pm

Venue: Committee Room 3 - Civic Centre, High Street, Uxbridge UB8 1UW. View directions

Contact: Nikki O'Halloran  01895 250472

Note No. Item


To confirm that the business of the meeting will take place in public.


RESOLVED:  That all items be considered in public. 



Copse Wood Way, Northwood - Petition Concerned with Excessive Traffic Speed pdf icon PDF 115 KB

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Concerns and suggestions raised at the meeting included the following:

·         Although there had been a reduction in the 85th percentile speed of vehicles travelling along Copse Wood Way from 39mph/39mph in November 2014 to 37mph/34mph in March 2017, petitioners believed that the speed had started to increase again;

·         Petitioners expressed concern about the safety of petitioners trying to cross Copse Wood Way.  Seven Oaks Court provided sheltered housing for older people, many of whom had visual impairments or mobility issues (some as a result of a stroke).  These residents were finding it frightening and physically difficult to safely cross the road to the bus stop on the other side and several had fallen and been injured when trying to cross the road quickly in an attempt to avoid being hit by speeding vehicles.  Although there had not yet being any accidents involving residents from Seven Oaks Court, petitioners felt that it was only a matter of time before one did happen;

·         The Scheme Manager at Seven Oaks Court had undertaken a risk assessment, a hard copy of which was provided at the meeting;

·         It was noted that a crossing had been installed in Thirlmere Gardens to improve safety for residents crossing the road to the bus stop; and

·         Concern was expressed that cars travelled so fast along Copse Wood Way that it made it dangerous for residents to get their vehicles off their drives.


Councillor Burrows listened to the concerns of the petitioners and responded to the points raised.  He advised that the Council commissioned traffic surveys from an independent company and that the 85th percentile was a standard form or reporting.  The survey equipment comprised rubber strips that needed to be secured to street furniture and would record the type, speed and time of vehicles passing over it 24/7 for the period that it was in place.  Usually, the Council would not commission surveys so soon after the last one (March 2017) but it was clear that residents were concerned that vehicle speed appeared to be increasing again and a fuller picture was needed.  Residents were asked to identify the most appropriate locations for the traffic survey equipment.  The Ward Councillors would also be asked for their views regarding other locations for a traffic survey in the vicinity.


Subject to the outcome of the traffic survey, consideration would then be given to other measures that could be put in place to slow traffic and alleviate residents' fears.  It was noted that the road safety programme element of recommendation three would include investigations into a safe crossing point but that this would need to be located in a place with clear sight lines to ensure that it passed a safety audit. 


Once the survey results had been analysed, if further work was to be undertaken, residents would be consulted.


RESOLVED:  Meeting with the petitioners, the Cabinet Member:


1.            listened to their concerns with excessive traffic speed in Copse Wood Way.


2.            asked officers to undertake traffic surveys,  ...  view the full minutes text for item 2.



Petition Requesting a Parking Management Scheme at The Green, West Drayton pdf icon PDF 100 KB

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Councillors Janet Duncan and Jan Sweeting attended the meeting and spoke as Ward Councillors in support of the petition. 


Concerns and suggestions raised at the meeting included the following:

·         Petitioners requested a parking management scheme (PMS) in The Green as, although it was an extensive area, it was almost impossible for residents to park there.  The petition organiser had arrived home at 2.30pm and had had to park in Pippins Close as there were no parking spaces near his property;

·         It was noted that it was likely that there would be other petitions submitted requesting PMSs in the surrounding roads;

·         There were some vehicles that were being parked in The Green and left for several weeks/months.  The Council had been putting notices on some of these vehicles which appeared to be abandoned;

·         Commuters using West Drayton station would routinely park in The Green until about 8pm or 9pm.  Although the station had its own car park, it appeared that drivers were reluctant to use it;

·         Holidaymakers would often park in The Green and catch the bus to Heathrow airport, particularly at Easter and during the summer;

·         Residents were aware that they had no right to park outside their own properties but even those with driveways were having problems manoeuvring their vehicles on/off their properties;

·         The parking issues had become significantly worse over the last month or so;

·         It was acknowledged that parking was an issue elsewhere in the area (such as Mill Road, Pippins Close and Money Lane) and that petitions had already been received from residents about issues in Swan Road and Church Road;

·         New developments in the area had inadequate parking provision and, while the developments were being built, developers were also parking in this area;

·         The implementation of PMSs in surrounding roads had displaced the vehicles to The Green and other roads;

·         It was suggested that the whole area needed to be surveyed to establish which residents would be in support of a PMS and to prevent parking from being pushed elsewhere in the area.  This had been widely publicised in the media;

·         There were some unscrupulous individuals who had been charging people for "secure airport parking" and then leaving their cars in this residential area;

·         Once the Elizabeth Line was open, it was anticipated that the parking issues would worsen; 

·         If staff working at Britannia Court, an office complex, were unable to park on site, they were parking in The Green and adding to the existing parking problems;

·         Concern was expressed that there were vehicles which would travel down the one way system the wrong way; and

·         The volume of traffic meant that some vehicles were frequently having to stop and start which added to the pollution in the area. 


Councillor Burrows listened to the concerns of the petitioners and responded to the points raised.  He was very familiar with the area and was aware of the impact that the Elizabeth Line, developers, holidaymakers and office workers had on the availability of parking for local  ...  view the full minutes text for item 3.



Maygoods Lane and Maygoods Close, Cowley - Petition from Residents Asking for a Residents' Permit Parking Scheme pdf icon PDF 105 KB

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Councillor Richard Mills attended the meeting and spoke as a Ward Councillor in support of the petition. 


Concerns and suggestions raised at the meeting included the following:

·         Students from Brunel University were taking over the parking spaces in the area;

·         Lorries were increasingly parking on the green and vehicles would often be left unattended for weeks;

·         Parents dropping children off at the school would often park over residents' driveways, hindering their access;

·         Many drivers would speed along Maygoods Lane and Maygoods Green to get to Cowley Road as quickly as possible;

·         Maygoods Close was also experiencing parking difficulties which were exacerbated by a student HMO and had resulted in six vehicles from one property being parked on the road;

·         Residents requested double yellow lines to address dangerous parking practices and consultation with residents on the options available to them to address the lack of parking;

·         The introduction of a PMS in nearby roads had displaced parking to Maygoods Close and Maygoods Lane; and

·         Holidaymakers would often park in Maygoods Lane and Maygoods Close and catch the bus to Heathrow airport.  Furthermore, commuters would leave their vehicles in these roads when they went off to the station.


Councillor Burrows listened to the concerns of the petitioners and responded to the points raised.  He noted that a petition in relation to the same issue had already been received from residents of New Peachey Lane.  The consultation would give residents a number of options which could include single yellow lines and a PMS. 


It was noted that residents of Worcester Road had previously been consulted.  As only one half of the road wanted a PMS, it had been implemented in that half only. 


The Cabinet Member advised that it would make sense to consult the residents of New Peachey Lane, Maygoods Lane and Maygoods Close at the same time.  This would then cover about 470 households.  Residents were advised that each property would only get one consultation form which they would need to complete and return.  If any resident had any queries about the consultation document once it had arrived, they were encouraged to contact the Transport and Projects team who would be happy to provide clarification.  Once the consultation responses had been received, they would be analysed and, subject to the response, a detailed scheme would be drawn up.  Residents would then have to be consulted on this detailed scheme before it could then be implemented. 


RESOLVED:  Meeting with the petitioners, the Cabinet Member:


  1. discussed with petitioners their concerns with parking in Maygoods Lane and Maygoods Close, Cowley.


  1. noted the results of the previous consultations with residents of the area on a possible Parking Management Scheme.


  1. asked officers to add the request to the Council’s extensive parking programme for further informal consultation.


Reasons for recommendations


The Petition Hearing will provide a valuable opportunity to hear directly from the petitioners of their concerns and suggestions.


Alternative options considered / risk management 


None at this stage.



Petition to Extend the Permit Operational Times in Part of Hewens Road, Hayes pdf icon PDF 108 KB

Additional documents:


Councillors Wayne Bridges, Alan Chapman, Neil Fyfe and John Oswell attended the meeting and spoke as Ward Councillors in support of the petition.


Concerns and suggestions raised at the meeting included the following:

·         Residents at 2 to 20 Hewens Road were concerned about the limited amount of parking available to them and their visitors (friends and family), especially in the evenings;

·         Although the nearby Carpenters Arms public house had its own car park, patrons were frequently preferring to park their vehicles in Hewens Road from the early evening until very late at night (and sometime overnight);

·         Residents living in Uxbridge Road were also increasingly parking in Hewens Road after 4.30pm which exacerbated the parking problem for local residents and their visitors;

·         Concern was expressed that the car showroom might be reopening which would further compound the parking issue;

·         Residents requested that the permit operational times be extended to 8am-8pm so that residents could get better use of the limited number of parking spaces available;

·         Although the Ward Councillors were supportive of the petition, this was on the proviso that the proposed changes only affect the parking bays facing numbers 2 to 20 Hewens Road and would not be implemented elsewhere in the road.  It was thought important to ensure that the residents of Star Road and Heath Road were still able to park at the other end of Hewens Road after 4.30pm as they experienced a lack of on street parking in their own roads; and

·         The introduction of the PMS had reduced the parking issues that residents had experienced as a result of the school drop off and pick up times.


Councillor Burrows listened to the concerns of the petitioners and responded to the points raised.  It was noted that, if it was agreed to only extend the permit operational times outside numbers 2 to 20 Hewens Road, the Council would be under no legal obligation to consult with the other properties in the road.  When asked, all Ward Councillors present agreed that consultation should only be undertaken with those residents directly affected at 2-20 Hewens Road. 


The Cabinet Member advised that it would be important that the residents responded to the consultation document when it arrived.  Without these responses, the Council would not be able to take action to address the issues that had been raised.  He noted that he would be meeting with officers on Monday and Ward Councillors would subsequently be advised when the consultation would be undertaken. 


RESOLVED:  Meeting with the petitioners, the Cabinet Member:


1)    considered the request to extend the hours of the Parking Management Scheme in part of Hewens Road.


2)    asked officers to add the request for extended operational times to the Council’s future parking scheme programme for informal consultation with residents of Hewens Road from 2 to 20 as per the petition when resources permit.


Reasons for recommendations


To allow the Cabinet Member to discuss with petitioners their concerns and, if appropriate, add their request to the parking schemes programme.  ...  view the full minutes text for item 5.