Agenda and minutes

Petition Hearing - Cabinet Member for Planning and Transportation
Wednesday, 7th October, 2020 7.00 pm

Venue: Committee Room 5 - Civic Centre. View directions

No. Item


Declarations of Interest in matters coming before this meeting


There were no declarations of interest.


To confirm that the business of the meeting will take place in public.


It was confirmed that all items of business would be considered in public.


To consider the report of the officers on the following petitions received.

Please note that individual petitions may overrun their time slots.  Although individual petitions may start later than advertised, they will not start any earlier than the advertised time.


Coleridge Way, West Drayton - Petition Requesting a Solution to Resolve Non-Residential Parking and Excessive Vehicle Speeds pdf icon PDF 407 KB


The Cabinet Member considered a petition from residents requesting a solution to resolve non-residential parking and excessive vehicle speeds on Coleridge Way, West Drayton. The lead petitioner was in attendance and made the following points:


  • There were lots of instances of speeding, including late-night speeding by young people, which also caused noise pollution.
  • There had been previous incidents where animals had been killed and a child knocked down in the road.
  • Reference was made to traffic congestion, where residents of nearby terraced houses with their own parking spots did not make use of these spots and parked elsewhere, taking up alternatives spaces. This had lead to residents of Coleridge Way having to park elsewhere, where they could not monitor their vehicles; some residents had received parking tickets.
  • Parking away from their houses had also lead to the petition organiser being threatened with being reported to the DVLA when having to park outside another residence; windscreens being damaged; tyre trims being stolen; attempted stealing of vehicles where police had been called, and an instance when faeces was thrown onto a car grille.
  • Having to leave home early and return home late due to work commitments had added to the problem of the lack of available parking.


A written representation was received from Councillor Milani, in support of the petition, on behalf of all Heathrow Villages Ward Councillors. Key points highlighted included:


·       This was an area of concern for many residents. Coleridge Way was an area of both dense residential housing (both flats and terraced houses) and some local independent shops;

·       Most of Coleridge Way currently had no parking restrictions, other than a few disabled parking bays, meaning that any vehicle could park anywhere in the road. This meant that there was often no space in front of - or anywhere near - residents' properties to park. As many residents were key workers, they often came home and had to park a considerable distance away, or move their cars multiple times in one evening to find an appropriate parking location;

·       There had been multiple instances of vandalism, theft and damage to vehicles. As residents often had no sight of their vehicles, they had also had number plates stolen, tyre trims stolen and nicks and dents to their vehicles with no ability to supervise;

·       Permit holder bays within specific areas of Coleridge Way would not only free up parking in the area, but would also mean greater safety as residents could monitor their vehicles from their properties. The introduction of ‘resident/ permit only’ bays would ensure residents had greater access to the parking spots on the road. Given the geography of the area, this should also have no adverse impact on the local shops;

·       There had been multiple complaints of speeding and racing within the area. This was particularly a problem with bikes and mopeds.


Councillor Burrows noted that Ward Councillors would be asked about the possibility of including surrounding roads in a consultation.


Councillor Burrows explained the use of speed surveys  ...  view the full minutes text for item 35.


Heath Road, Hillingdon - Petition Requesting a Residents Only Permit Parking Scheme pdf icon PDF 404 KB


The Cabinet Member considered a petition from residents requesting a residents-only parking permit scheme on Heath Road, Hillingdon. The lead petitioner was in attendance and made the following points:


·       The petition organiser noted that nearly all residents were in favour of the petition, although residents of a nearby old people's home (Heathfield House) had not been consulted.

·       The petition organiser also noted that a nearby residential site now had electronic gates, which had contributed to the worsening of parking conditions.

·       Inconsiderate parking in the area was extensive and the petition organiser had previously had to ask Tamara Lounge to ask its clients to move their cars, though it was noted that the petition organiser did not blame Tamara Lounge, but its clients for inconsiderate parking. Drug taking in the area was also a problem.


Councillor Burrows suggested that a white bar marking in the alleyway could help to resolve these issues and advised the Lead Petitioner to discuss this with his Ward Councillors.


A written representation was received from Ward Councillors for Hillingdon East, in support of the petition:


·       Residents in Heath Road had suffered with parking problems over many years, particularly with the opening of the Tamara Lounge. Many customers took up the limited spaces available at the expense of residents who resided in Heath Road;

·       This road had also experienced further pressure in recent years with the implementation of residents parking in Hewens Road which was adjacent to Heath Road, and was congested during the day due to Hewens College;

·       Ward Councillors strongly requested that the petition was supported and implemented at the earliest opportunity subject to the standard consultations.


Councillor Burrows noted that he would discuss with Ward Councillors the range of a possible consultation area and explained that, due to the Covid-19 pandemic halting progress and dependent on the size of the consultation, progress may take some time.




That the Cabinet Member for Planning and Transportation:


1.     Met with petitioners and listened to their request for the introduction of a residents' permit parking scheme for Heath Road, Hillingdon; and


2.     Asked officers to add the request to the Council's extensive Parking Management Scheme Programme for further informal consultation in Heath Road and any other roads in the area which Ward Councillors may deem appropriate.


Reasons for decisions


The Petition Hearing provided a valuable opportunity to hear directly from the petitioners of their concerns and suggestions.


Alternative options considered / risk management


None at this stage.


Torcross Road, South Ruislip - Petition Requesting a Review of Traffic Conditions pdf icon PDF 739 KB


The Cabinet Member considered a petition from residents requesting a review of traffic conditions on Torcross Road, South Ruislip. The lead petitioner was in attendance and made the following points:


·         Having lived in the road for a long time, the petition organiser noted various issues including having had 4 cars written off; a neighbour's van written off and a number of cars knocked as a result of speeding, hit-and-runs and drink-drivers.

·         The size of lorries using the road seemed to be getting larger, as Torcross Road could be used as a cut through from Victoria Road towards Field End Road.

·         Many suggestions from residents were noted, including islands, chicanes and a speed traffic light system. It was noted that speed humps were not wanted. Officers noted that chicanes may reduce the space available for parking.

·         Lowering the speed limit was suggested as a solution to the problem of speeding traffic, noting an incident where a cat had been run over.

·         It was noted that a further petition was expected from residents, dependent upon the outcome of the current petition.


A written representation expressing support for the petitioners was received from Councillor Lavery and Councillor Makwana, as Ward Councillors for Cavendish.


Councillor Burrows explained the use of traffic and speed surveys to the petition organiser, who agreed with officers on locations of these surveys. The petition organiser questioned the time frame for the surveys, and officers noted that they were likely to take place before December. If speeding was proven to be an issue, residents would be consulted regarding possible solutions.




That the Cabinet Member for Planning and Transportation:


1.            Met with petitioners and listened to their road safety concerns and suggestions; and


2.            Asked officers to undertake traffic surveys, at locations agreed by the petitioners and then to report back to the Cabinet Member.


Reasons for decisions


The Petition Hearing provided a valuable opportunity to hear directly from the petitioners of their concerns and suggestions.


Alternative options considered / risk management


None at this stage.


West Drayton Leisure Centre - Petition Opposing Access Arrangements from Rowlheys Place pdf icon PDF 209 KB


The Cabinet Member considered a petition from residents opposing access arrangements to West Drayton Leisure Centre from Rowlheys Place. The lead petitioner was not in attendance but had submitted a written representation. Key points highlighted included:


1.     The increase in vehicles and pedestrians entering Rowlheys Place to access the new proposed leisure centre would lead to more risk to residents of Rowlheys Place and Stainby Close in terms of pollution, which would have a huge impact on the health and wellbeing of residents.

2.     The unfamiliar access wouldl lead to an increase in accidents. Crossing Rowlheys Place while people were rushing to leave the gym and go to work at the same time was not safe and was an accident waiting to happen.

3.     The level of noise pollution due to the early morning and late night traffic and opening hours (raising and closing of metal shutters) were unreasonable and not acceptable to residents.

4.     There was an increased risk of anti-social behaviour and drug use because people felt it was a quiet road where they would not be caught. Residents feared this may become a common occurrence and were concerned about threats to residents who objected to the behaviour.

5.     The narrowing of Rowlheys Place would be more of an inconvenience to residents than a deterrent to non-residents.

6.     Access to the leisure centre from Harmondsworth Road was a safer and more viable option. A winding path was suggested. The Council needed to take into account the emotional, health and well-being factors of residents living with the local area.

7.     Access from Harmondsworth Road was closer to local bus stops.


A written representation was received from Councillor Duncan, as Ward Councillor for West Drayton, in support of the petition. Key points highlighted were:


  • A Parking Management Scheme for Stainby Close and Rowlheys Place was requested as it was believed that a majority of residents supported this.
  • Councillor Duncan supported the residents regarding their petition and the possible effects on access and parking arrangements in the area resulting from the West Drayton Leisure Centre, which had been granted planning permission on an adjacent site.
  • There would be parking pressures in both roads (Rowlheys Place and Stainby Close) arising from the Leisure Centre next door and a Parking Management Scheme wouldd need to be put in place in both roads, preferably before works commenced on site.
  • Councillor Duncan supported signage and any other measures that would protect residents’ parking and maintain the quiet, residential character of Stainby Close and Rowlheys Place.
  • It was hoped that it would be possible to co-ordinate the approval and implementation of a Parking Management Scheme with the development of the Leisure Centre to protect residents’ parking and their peaceful environment.


A written representation was received from Councillor Sweeting, as Ward Councillor for West Drayton, in support of the petition. Key points highlighted were: