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The Cabinet Member considered a petition from residents raising concerns about unsafe parking in the St Andrew’s Park Development. In summary, the petitioners spoke of their concerns and suggestions which included the following:


·         Petitioners requested parking restriction changes around John Locke Academy, Bader Way, Churchill Road and St Andrews Road.

·         The petition was signed by 200 local residents.

·         The parking restrictions had caused many parents trouble when dropping and collecting their children from school.

·         Control parking zones recently introduced were now in full operation within close proximity to the school.

·         Most parents used a car to drop and collect their children as they all lived too far from the school to walk or use public transport.

·         Seven proposals were suggested which were detailed in the report.

·         Petitioners requested changing double yellows lines to single yellow lines with time restrictions. This could include applying operation time to the current yellow with exemption during school runs.

·         Consider recruiting a School Crossing Patrol Officer to increase safety for both children and adults when crossing the road.

·         Whilst the land was being completed, be allowed the opportunity to use the available land on site for parking.

·         Clarification on who owned particular roads on the development. Was it the developer or the Council?

·         The Council considered arranging a public car park with pay and display provisions. Petitioners explained that the option of parking in the INTU car park in Uxbridge was not a timely or convenient option for parents or children.

·         There was a concern this problem would increase as the school was at full capacity and there was a waiting list. Surveys had been conducted by parents and a lot of data and information was provided to officers and the Cabinet Member. These would also be sent electronically to the relevant officers.


Councillor Martin Goddard attended the meeting and spoke as Ward Councillor in support of the petition. He was sympathetic to the points raised by petitioner but acknowledged that parking problems applied to many schools in the Borough. He submitted that in this case parking issues was exasperated  by the fact that many children lived some distance away from the school. Once the development was completed this would cause an increase in parking and traffic congestion. Councillor Goddard asked whether school bus arrangements could be considered to reduce traffic. Children could travel to school via a school bus that parents contributed towards. Councillor Goddard understood the concerns raised by petitioners but said that local resident concerns living in the area would also need to be taken into account.


David Knowles, Head of Transport and Town Centre Projects, thanked petitioners for the detailed information received.  He explained that the management for parking was a matter for the school. He questioned whether the use of the car park could be prioritised for children with access needs. Any changes to yellow lines and single yellow lines needed to undergo a formal process.


Councillor Burrows listened to the concerns of the petitioners and responded to the points raised. In relation to the school bus, Councillor Burrows clarified that this fell outside his remit. He noted that the St Andrews development was subject to a number of planning conditions which could not be overturned. Work was still taking place on the site. He emphasised that any action and changes would also need to be balanced against the interests of residents that lived in the area.


Councillor Burrows noted the attempts made by petitioners to try and engage with the property developers, but there had been no progress. He suggested for officers to draft a letter from him as it may carry more weight. Clarification needed to be sought on what parts of the land the Council owned. He assured petitioners that conversations could still happen during the summer period. He noted the idea of persuading the developer to introduce a pay and display car park and indicated that this could be raised with the development. He noted the concerns that traffic congestion would be increased in the area once the site was fully operations and suggested that officers look into the area near the roundabout. He noted David Knowles comments that box junctions were not usually considered at roundabouts.


He emphasised working with the David’s team to implement the school travel plan to introduce a School Crossing Patrol Officer to support residents.


In considering the matters, Councillors Burrows made the following decisions. 




Meeting with the Petitioners, the Cabinet Member:


  1. Listened to their request for changes to the existing parking restrictions around The John Locke Academy, Bader Way, Uxbridge;


  1. Noted the highways and traffic conditions attached to the planning application and approved 'School Travel Plan' for the John Locke Academy;


  1. Noted the fact that as certain aspects of the original petition could pertain to the planning approval process for the John Locke Academy, the present petition was initially investigated by the Council's Planning Enforcement Officer and a 'breach of planning condition' was identified;


  1. Noted the correspondence between the Council's Planning Enforcement Officer and John Locke Academy, and the outcome of their dialogue, which was set out in the body of the report;


  1. Noted and considered the likely views of residents living in the local area, many of whom did not have a direct association with the John Locke Academy, but whose views on any proposals that might be developed to alter the local parking regime must be carefully borne in mind;


  1. Noted that the road network in St. Andrew’s Park comprised a mixture of adopted and unadopted highway, which has a bearing on the type and extent of any parking management regime(s) in the area;


  1. Asked officers to investigate the feasibility of employing a School Crossing Patrol Officer;


  1. Asked officers to review the current land ownership on the development and if appropriate, liaises with them on the suggestion to allow parking for the school for the purpose of picking up/setting down;


  1. Asked officers to undertake further investigations, based on the testimony of the petitioners and the views of Ward Members and any other key stakeholders whose input he may wish to direct , and to then report back to him for further consideration.


Reason for decision


To allow the Cabinet Member to discuss with petitioners their concerns and if appropriate add their request to the parking schemes programme.


Alternative options considered and rejected


The options were discussed with the petitioners.





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