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Old Mill Lane & Packet Boat Lane, Cowley - Petition Requesting Review of Road Safety and HGV Movements


The Cabinet Member considered a petition from residents requesting a review of road safety in Old Mill Lane and Packet Boat Lane, Cowley. The Cabinet Member informed residents present that he was a Ward Councillor for Uxbridge South Ward.


The petitioner addressed the Cabinet Member and raised the following points:-


·         An accident had occurred outside his property during which a car had ploughed through 6 steel bollards and hit a tree. Fortunately no injuries were sustained but it could have been a lot more serious;

·         Department of Transport advice to motorists was to slow down and allow 2 to 3 metres distance when passing pedestrians or horses. It was impossible to drive safely given the width of the roads in question;

·         In another incident, a woman riding a horse had been forced off the road by a car;

·         A dog had reportedly been run over and killed by a motorist;

·         People were forced to step into the river at times to avoid the traffic;

·         Large lorries regularly used the roads which exacerbated the problem;

·         One incident had been recorded since 2017; however, the Cabinet Member was advised that at least four accidents had occurred in reality;

·         There was no lighting along the roads which made them more dangerous;

·         Local residents were of the opinion that traffic needed to be restricted and speed controls put in place.


Councillor Cooper, Ward Councillor for Uxbridge South, addressed the Cabinet Member and confirmed that it was both difficult and dangerous for pedestrians and motorists to use the roads in question.


Councillor Burrows listened to the concerns of the petitioners and Ward Councillor and responded to the points raised. Councillor Burrows confirmed that the data regarding numbers of accidents recorded was taken from a police database. Accidents were only recorded by the police if an injury had been sustained. 


Councillor Burrows requested further clarification regarding the lorries currently using the roads. It was confirmed that some large lorries were using the road to access the industrial area while others were simply passing through. The Cabinet Member noted that further studies would need to be undertaken to ascertain where the lorries were coming from / going. Since traffic monitoring equipment needed to be attached to something, it was agreed that the independent monitoring company employed by the Council would need to assess the feasibility of using 24/7 monitoring strips in the area. Possible safety measures could potentially include the use of solar Vehicle Activated Signs (VAS). If it was found that the road was being used as a cut through, camera enforcement could be put in place which would not transform the appearance of the country roads.


In considering the matter, Councillor Burrows moved the following recommendations:-




Meeting with the Petitioners, the Cabinet Member:


1.    Listened to their concerns about safety along Old Mill Lane and Packet Boat Lane and listened to their request for a review of road safety and HGV movements along these roads;

2.    Noted the outcome of traffic surveys which had already been undertaken, details of which were set out in the body of the report;

3.    Asked officers to undertake further studies aimed at improving safety and potentially restricting HGV movements in the area and to then report back to the Cabinet Member for Planning, Transportation and Recycling; and

4.    Asked officers to undertake a 24/7 speed and traffic survey.


Reason for decisions


The petition hearing provided a valuable opportunity to hear directly from the petitioners of their concerns and suggestions. 


Alternative options considered / risk management


None at this stage.

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