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Kingsend & B466, Ruislip - vehicle speed, noise and traffic issues


The Cabinet Member considered a petition from residents requesting a solution to vehicle speed, noise and traffic issues in Kingsend and on the B466.  The Lead Petitioner was in attendance and made the following points: 


  • The area was often busy at peak times, resulting in significant traffic flow issues for motorists.
  • Motorists also travelled the area at high speed, endangering other motorists as well as pedestrians.
  • The roads themselves were noisy when travelled, in part potentially due to the road surface itself, which caused distress to local residents, particularly in Kingsend;
  • A new school had recently been approved for construction in the area, close to the HS2 site, which would further contribute to traffic issues and emissions/pollution.
  • Public transport would be hampered by increased volumes of traffic.
  • Potential measures to address the issues could include roadside warning signs and resurfacing of the roads with a quieter compound. Speed tables and the like were not proposed as they would cause additional issues.


By way of written submission, Ward Councillor Corthorne made the following points:


·         Residents have regularly expressed concerns regarding HGV speeds in Kingsend, which posed a risk for other motorists, and pedestrians.

·         Residential amenity was affected by excessive vehicle noise which disturbed sleep patterns of residents.

·         Despite that fact that Kingsend was not a designated route for HS2 vehicles, HS2 drivers continue to use it.

·         It was accepted that the issues were complex, compounded by the fact that it was the Metropolitan Police who had the enforcement powers, rather than the Council. Nevertheless, it was important that the Council used such powers as were within its disposal to work to achieve a reduction in vehicle speed, and the recommendations, particularly recommendation 3, were therefore supported.


The Cabinet Member and the Head of Transport and Town Centre Projects listened to the concerns of the petition organiser and were keen to mitigate the issues raised, though advised that such issues were not easy to fully address due to the topography of the area. 


The Cabinet Member commented that should the referenced  new school be taken forward, possibly as had been suggested, near the HS2 West Ruislip Portal, then the specific planning aspects of that would be dealt with fully and properly through the formal planning process, which would inevitably include appropriate assessments of the local highway network and any relevant implications. At the same time, however, the present testimony of the lead petitioner coupled with any subsequent studies could doubtless prove helpful towards those subsequent planning deliberations.


Potential studies and options were discussed, including the instigation of speed and vehicle surveys to assess vehicle usage within the area, for which the petitioner advised on suitable locations. In addition, it was suggested that officers review the potential for resurfacing the roads with a quieter surface compound to reduce vehicle noise, that roadside electronic warning signs be considered, and that in the meantime, the Police be asked to increase their presence in the area in order to deter speeding.


RESOLVED: That the Cabinet Member:


1.    Meets and discusses with petitioners their on-going concerns with vehicle speeds, noise, and traffic on Kingsend and Ickenham Road (B466) and considers their suggestions;


2.    Notes the on-going discussion with London Councils on the effectiveness of the enforcement of the London Lorry Control Scheme (LLCS) in relation to the concerns raised over the increase in the volumes of large goods vehicles associated with on-going nearby infrastructure developments;


3.    Asks officers to commission independent ‘24/7’ vehicle speed and volume surveys, at locations agreed with the lead petitioner and Ward Members, the results of which will be reported to the Cabinet Member, local Ward Members, the emergency services and the lead petitioner;


4.    Subject to the above, asks officers to scope possible options to introduce physical traffic calming for initial discussion with the Cabinet Member, but also notes that any such measures would be subject to both independent road safety audits and a consultation with all affected residents and stakeholders before implementation; and


  1. Subject to the findings of (3), asks officers to explore in the meantime suitable opportunities for electronic roadside warning signs to be considered for implementation to deter speeding;


  1. Ask that the Police be requested to increase their presence in the area;


  1. Asks Highways officers to review the potential for resurfacing the roads with a quieter surface compound in order to reduce vehicle noise


Reasons for decisions


The petition hearing provided a valuable opportunity to hear directly from the petitioners on their concerns and suggestions.


Alternative options considered / risk management


None at this stage.


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