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Better management of roads on SAP Development

We the undersigned petition Hillingdon Council to make better, working with St Modwens and alone, the access and visibility of the specific roads on and leading to St Andrews Park development. The Park Road into St Andrews Road access from the "Intu" roundabout is a death trap in waiting, the bend joining St Andrews Road onto Churchil Road at the top of Pinn Point is a 3-way accident waiting to happen and visibility from the turn off from 1 Barrett Place is also a blind spot with a potential accident hazard in waiting. These points are all dangerous to cross as pedestrians as well as to navigate in a car.

We propose that more lights be added at the Park Road end of the roundabout which leads into St Andrews Park from Uxbridge town centre as the speed with which the cars approach the end of the road here is unreasonable, even pedestrians fear crossing the road as drivers have no clear indication of who has righ of way at this point. Parents attending John Locke Academy have had near misses as have residents of the SAP development. We propose a mini roundabout or lights be added to the bend at Pinn Point where St Andrews Road curves off into oblivion at the junction of Churchill Road, as visibility and right of way are both missing here and it is a 3-way nightmare to use on a daily basis. At Barrett Place, we need at least some curved mirrors or a mini roundabout so that drivers coming off Barrett Place know there are no dangers ahead as they turn right into St Andrews Road opposite Kellett Street, as there is zero visibility and a driver has to come quite far forward to see if it is safe to turn and are practically in the road as a collision hazard to do so.

On reaching 100 signatures it will be formally considered by the Council and relevant Cabinet Member. Local ward Councillors will also be made aware of the petition. The Council's Democratic Services Team will keep the lead petitioner updated on progress.

This ePetition runs from 06/07/2021 to 05/10/2021.

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