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10 Oakwood Road Pinner bungalow conversion to flats planning objection - 36748/APP/2022/2188

We the undersigned petition Hillingdon Council to Reject and fully dismiss this planning application

Objection to the redevelopment of a bungalow at 10 Oakwood Road into a block of flats ref: 36748/APP/2022/2188

1. The site is currently occupied by a traditional bungalow family home, which the applicant intends to demolish and convert into four flats. The plot lies adjacent to, and at the entrance of Ashley Close. The existing bungalow reflects the nature of the homes in Ashley Close, which are all bungalows.

2. There are four flats planned which if occupied by at least four adults each, could result in up to 8 cars belonging to residents, with further spaces required by family, visitors and delivery vehicles etc. There are only 5 parking spaces planned on site. This will leave a shortfall of parking spaces and will inevitably lead to increased pressure on parking in Oakwood Road and Ashley Close.

3. Ashley Close is a narrow road, with cars often parking on the pavement, to avoid being damaged. The plan shows some onsite parking for the flats to be accessed via Ashley Close. This will lead to congestion at the pinch-point single entrance to the cul-de-sac. Refuse trucks sometimes have difficulty maneuvering in the limited space and further congestion may obstruct access by the emergency services.

4. Oakwood Road has already seen increased levels of daytime parking due to the parking restrictions in the streets beside the Northwood Hills tube station, displacing available free parking space for commuters, to streets further from the station.

5. Vehicles could park too close to the junction of Oakwood and Ashley Close, obstructing the view of drivers and pedestrians raising safety concerns.

6. Increased amounts of traffic caused by the block will further reduce the air quality in the area surrounding the block.

7. The siting of the proposed block of flats will cause a reduction in privacy by the upper flats overlooking neighbours and it will result in a loss of light to adjacent homes, built many decades before.

To summarise, this site is totally unsuitable for the proposed construction of a block of flats, due to the impact it will have on the local area.

On reaching 20 signatures it may be considered in conjunction with the relevant live planning application at an upcoming Committee meeting. The Council's Democratic Services Team will be in touch with the lead petitioner to advise and take this petition forward accordingly.

This ePetition ran from 02/08/2022 to 31/08/2022 and has now finished.

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