Active and Completed ePetitions

Title Respondents Deadline to sign by
Request for an installation of a Pelican Crossing near the Junction (Lysander Road to Ickenham Road, B466) 44 22/09/2021
Better management of roads on SAP Development 42 05/10/2021
Traffic calming measures on Hallowell Road 98 05/10/2021
Request for traffic calming measures near GP surgery on Eastcote Road Ruislip 41 08/10/2021
Traffic Calming and Safety Measures - Elm Avenue and Park Way, Ruislip 10 05/11/2021
Request for traffic calming measure(s) for Hercies Road near the parade of the shops 1 03/12/2021
Petition against 5-6 Firs Walk Road, Northwood - Application ref: 30837/APP/2021/2577 40 Finished
Against Former Tara Kindergarten development - PAN: 62106/APP/2021/2555 24 Finished
Rejection of planning application:13831/APP/2021/2233 to protect the Green Belt 39 Finished
Petition Against New House on Grade II Highgrove House Site 10622/APP/2021/1490 & 10622/APP/2021/1491 117 Finished
Petition objecting to planning ref. 76008/APP/ 2021/2764 - 57 Newdigate Road - approval for 6 bedroom multi occupational house 0 Finished
Pole Hill Skate Park 7 Finished
Celebrate Black History Month in Hillingdon 31 Finished
Cheney Street Traffic Calming Measures 113 Finished
Traffic calming measures on Hawthorne Avenue 32 Finished