Major Applications Planning Committee
Wednesday, 27th May, 2020 6.00 pm

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PART I - Members, Public and Press

Items are normally marked in the order that they will be considered, though the Chairman may vary this.  The name of the local ward area is also given in addition to the address of the premises or land concerned.

Major Applications without a petition


20-30 Blyth Road, Hayes - 1425/APP/2018/2145 pdf icon PDF 1 MB

Section 73 application to vary Conditions 2, 7, 32 and 33 of planning application reference 1425/APP/2011/3040 dated 08-04-13 (Comprehensive redevelopment of the site to provide a part 11, part 9, part 5 and part 4 storey building comprising 120 residential units, office floorspace, associated car parking and hard and soft landscaping (as amended by application reference 1425/APP/2020/166)) to amend Car Stacker A, remove Car Stacker B (reduction of car parking to 92 spaces) and increase the number of electrical vehicle charging points.


Recommendation: Approval


30/32 Blyth Road, Hayes - 68974/APP/2019/2774 pdf icon PDF 1 MB

Application to modify a s.106 obligation for planning application reference 68974/APP/2018/2146 (Application for demolition of all buildings on site to enable redevelopment to provide 118 new residential units (Use Class C3) and commercial floor space (Use Class A1-A5 and B1) with a new vehicle access, associated vehicle and cycle parking, communal amenity space, child play space and associated landscaping and plant) to amend Schedule 1 'Affordable Housing' mortgagee in possession details.


Recommendation: Approve + Sec 106


276 Bath Road, Heathrow - 35293/APP/2018/538 pdf icon PDF 1 MB

Minor material amendment to revise Conditions 2 (Approved Plans), and 3 (Approved Documents), alter timescales for the submission and approval of details relating to conditions 4 (Landscape works in accordance with Approved landscape scheme), 9 (Ecological Enhancement Scheme) and 18 (Details of taxi and coach drop-off area) and omit 13 (Electric charging points) and 15 (Car parking management strategy) of planning permission ref: 35293/APP/2015/3693, dated 31/10/16: Minor material amendment to planning permission ref. 35293/APP/2009/1938 dated 28/05/2010: Erection of 623-bedroom hotel with ancillary restaurant/bar facilities, landscaping, parking and associated works to allow the addition of an extra floor, internal and external alterations to the building, involving extension of the building within the internal courtyards and on the new fifth floor and alterations to the parking/landscaping layout.


Recommendation: Approve + Sec 106


Former Sipson Garden Centre, Sipson Road, Sipson - 67666/APP/2019/1245 pdf icon PDF 2 MB

Reinstatement of Garden Centre (Use Class A1) with replacement buildings, outdoor sales areas, hard-standing, associated car parking and landscaping


Recommendation: Approval


15 Green Lane, Northwood - 68153/APP/2019/1319 pdf icon PDF 2 MB

Redevelopment of site to erect a two storey building with a basement and accommodation at roof level to provide 12 residential units with associated works.


Recommendation: Approve + Sec 106


The London School of Theology, Green Lane, Northwood - 10112/APP/2019/1244 pdf icon PDF 2 MB

Erection of a residential building comprising 15 flats with associated parking, cycle storage, motorcycle parking, disabled parking and bin storage following demolition of existing residential block and pair of semi-detached houses.


Recommendation: Approval


Block 14-24 Hoskins Close and Block - 75370/APP/2020/294 pdf icon PDF 1 MB

Erection of boundary fencing measuring 1.5m (h) immediately to the south of Units 1-15 Moston Close and to the east of Units 9-24 Fuller Way.


Recommendation: Approval


Production Facility, Stonefield Close, Ruislip - 1660/APP/2020/988 pdf icon PDF 2 MB

Section 73 application to vary Conditions 2 (approved plans) and 3 (approved documents and plans) of planning ref: 1660/APP/2019/1018  (for the redevelopment of the existing site including the demolition of the existing building and the erection of 7 new commercial units across two separate buildings (Use Class B1(c)/B2/B8 at Units 1,2,3 6 and 7 and Use Class B1(c)/B2/B8 and Sui Generis at Units 4 and 5) including ancillary office space at first floor level at Units 01-03 (Use Class B1a) with associated car parking, landscaping and associated works; namely to allow the building to be re-position 300 mm north.


Recommendation: Approve + Sec 106

PART I - Plans for Major Applications Planning Committee pdf icon PDF 9 MB