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Major Applications Planning Committee

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The Council has a Major Applications Committee which determines major planning applications or matters in relation to High Speed 2 (HS2).  It comprises of 7 elected councillors who are shown below. The Committee meets in public and meetings are also broadcast live on the Council’s YouTube channel: Hillingdon London


You are able to speak in support or against a planning application being considered by this committee, but only upon our receipt of a valid petition enabling this. Written representations (in lieu of attending to speak) are permitted at this time. More details can be found here about the petitions scheme.


Terms of Reference


The Major Applications Committee will determine major planning applications that involve:


1.       the creation of 10 or more residential units.

2.       residential development on a site of 0.5 hectares or more

3.       non-residential development on a site of at least 1 hectare

4.       non-residential development that creates more than 1000 square metres of new gross floorspace

5.       the creation of a change of use of 1000 square metres or more of gross floor space (not including housing)

6.       Council owned development sites / applications where the Council is the applicant.

7.       applications in respect of High Speed 2 (HS2) under the following schedules of the High Speed 2 Act:

·         Schedule 17(2) – Condition relating to building works: Where footprint is above 500m2

·         Schedule 17(6) – Condition relating to road transport proposals for the movement of large goods vehicles (over 7.5 tonnes) of more than 24 movements a day (12 in, 12 out).

·         Schedule 17(9) – Conditions on bringing scheduled works and depots into use where the scheduled work is more than 500m2

·         Proposals under Schedule 17(3) Table: (2):  Earthworks - where the works involve land of more than 1 hectare

·         Schedule 17(12) – Condition relating to site restoration where the proposals affecting an area of more than 1 hectare




All other Schedule 17 applications and Schedule 16[5] [land restoration schemes] applications from HS2 Ltd to the London Borough of Hillingdon requiring approval are delegated to the Deputy Director of Planning and Regeneration in consultation with the Cabinet Member for Environment, Housing & Regeneration as set out in Part 3 – Scheme of Delegations to Officers


Additionally, the Deputy Director of Planning and Regeneration in consultation with the appropriate Cabinet Member, may refer applications which by virtue of the level of public interest or by virtue of the economic / regeneration benefits of the proposals are felt to warrant consideration at the Major Applications Planning Committee.



Contact information

Support officer: Democratic Services. 01895 250636 or email (recommended):