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Title Date Effective from Call-ins
Occupational Therapy Services Contracts ref: 291523/03/202301/04/20230
Extension of transportation arrangements for Children and social care clients ref: 291423/03/202301/04/20230
Translation and Interpretation Services Contract ref: 291323/03/202301/04/20230
Framework Agreement for Building & Construction Consultancy Services ref: 291223/03/202301/04/20230
Rough Sleeper Services Contracts ref: 291123/03/202301/04/20230
Disabled Facilities Grant & Adaptation Works Contracts ref: 291023/03/202301/04/20230
Family Group Conference Service Contract ref: 290923/03/202301/04/20230
Social Care Catering Services Contract ref: 290823/03/202301/04/20230
Semi-independent living provision contracts ref: 290723/03/202301/04/20230
GLL Leisure Contract Variation Proposal ref: 290623/03/202301/04/20230
Monthly Council Budget Monitoring Report: Month 10 ref: 290523/03/202301/04/20230
Consultation on Hillingdon's Youth Offer & Delivery Model ref: 290423/03/202301/04/20230
Consultation on the Hillingdon 0-19 years core offer to children, young people & their families ref: 290323/03/202301/04/20230