Agenda and minutes

Annual Council, Council - Thursday, 12th May, 2022 7.30 pm

Venue: Council Chamber - Civic Centre, High Street, Uxbridge UB8 1UW. View directions

Contact: Lloyd White, Head of Democratic Services 

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No. Item


Apologies for Absence


Apologies for absence had been received from Councillor Richard Lewis.


Declarations of Interest pdf icon PDF 57 KB

To note any declarations of interest in any matter before the Council.

Please see the attached guidance note.


There were no declarations of interest.


Election Results 2022, Political Groups on the Council and Calculation of Political Balance pdf icon PDF 97 KB

To note the results of the recent elections and resulting political balance of the Council.


As a result of the Borough Council elections held on 5 May 2022, two political groups had been formed: the Conservative Group with Councillor Ian Edwards as Group Leader and the Labour Group with Councillor Peter Curling as Group Leader.  It was moved by Councillor Edwards and seconded by Councillor Bianco and:


RESOLVED:  That the election results, the formation of political groups and the subsequent political balance of the Council be noted.


Election of Mayor 2022/2023

To elect a Mayor of the London Borough of Hillingdon to hold office from 12 May 2022 until his or her successor becomes entitled to act as Mayor.


i)          The retiring Mayor, Councillor Chamdal, to provide a summary of his year in office.

ii)         Nominations for Mayor invited by the retiring Mayor - election (if necessary).

iii)           Retiring Mayor declares the result.


The Mayor had been honoured to have been appointed as the first citizen of the Borough as Covid restrictions had eased.  He provided the Council with some brief highlights of his Mayoral year and the support that had been afforded his two charities: Domestic Abuse Survivors and Navratri Garba. 


The Mayor thanked Members for electing him as the first citizen as well as the Council team for supporting him, his parents for making him the person he had become, and his Escort, Miss Evangeline Chamdal, and the Mayoress, Councillor Reeta Chamdal, for their unwavering support.


Nominations were invited for a Mayor to hold office for the 2022/23 municipal year.  Councillor Haggar was nominated by Councillor Denys and seconded by Councillor Edwards.  There were no further nominations. 


RESOLVED: That Councillor Becky Haggar be elected as Mayor for the 2022/2023 municipal year.


The Council adjourned for robing of the new Mayor at 7.54pm and reconvened at 8.04pm.


Acceptance of Office by the Mayor

i)              The newly elected Mayor to make and sign the declaration of acceptance of office.

ii)            The Head of Democratic Services to declare the election of the Mayor to be complete.


The newly elected Mayor signed the declaration of acceptance of office.


Appointment of Deputy Mayor

To receive the Mayor's appointment in writing of a Councillor of the Borough to serve as Deputy Mayor for the coming year.


The Mayor informed the Council that she had appointed Councillor Shehryar Ahmad-Wallana as Deputy Mayor.


RESOLVED: That the Deputy Mayor for the year be noted.


New Mayor's Announcements

To receive announcements from the new Mayor.


The new Mayor thanked those present for electing her.  She advised that her husband, Mr Marios Kaikitis, would be her Consort and her daughters, Miss Pollyanna Haggar and Miss Ellie May Haggar, would also be her Consorts.  The Mayor noted that her nominated charities for the year would be the Daniella Logan Foundation and the Magical Marvellous Picture House and that Reverend Tunde Balogun had been appointed as Chaplain for the year. 


Vote of Thanks to Outgoing Mayor

i)              Vote of thanks to the outgoing Mayor to be moved and seconded.

ii)             Presentation of Past Mayor's and Past Mayor's Escort's badges.


Councillor Edwards moved a vote of thanks to the retired Mayor, Councillor Roy Chamdal, his Mayoress, Councillor Reeta Chamdal, and his Escort, Miss Evangeline Chamdal.  The Leader advised that he would be recommending that Cabinet donate the £25k received from textile recycling in the Borough to the Mayor’s charities.


The vote of thanks was seconded by Councillor Curling.  Councillors Bianco, Lakhmana, R Mills and Palmer spoke in support of the vote of thanks to the outgoing Mayor, Councillor Roy Chamdal.


The Mayor (Councillor Haggar) presented a Past Mayor’s badge to Councillor Roy Chamdal, a Past Mayoress’ badge to Councillor Reeta Chamdal and a Past Escort’s badge to Miss Evangeline Chamdal. 


RESOLVED: That the vote of thanks to the outgoing Mayor, Councillor Roy Chamdal, be agreed.


Report of the Head of Democratic Services pdf icon PDF 207 KB

Additional documents:




Nominations were invited for the position of Leader of the Council for the next four years.  Councillor Bianco moved, and Councillor R. Mills seconded, the nomination of Councillor Edwards.  There were no further nominations and it was:


RESOLVED: That Councillor Edwards be appointed as Leader of the Council for the next four year period (until the Annual Meeting immediately following the next ordinary election of Councillors).




The appointment by the Leader of the Council of Councillor Bianco as the Deputy Leader and the following Members as Cabinet Members for 2022/2023, was noted:




Deputy Leader, Property, Highways & Transport




Children, Families & Education


Health and Social Care


Residents’ Services


Corporate Services

D. Mills


9.3       MEMBERS’ ALLOWANCES 2022/2023


Councillor Edwards moved, and Councillor Bianco seconded, the motion as set out on the Order of Business and it was:


RESOLVED: That the following changes be made to the Scheme of Members’ Allowances 2022/23 (the Basic Allowance and all other SRAs to remain as agreed at the February Council meeting):



Special Responsibility Allowances:


Proposed Change




Mayoral allowances be removed from the Scheme and incorporated into the overall Mayoral budget.


Deputy Mayor


See above


Chairman of Licensing Committee


In recognition of the increasing role and responsibility of this position, SRA be increased to the same amount as a Planning / Select Committee Chairman


Vice Chairman of Licensing Committee


Delete SRA


Standards Committee Independent Person

£500 SRA per meeting



Deputy Leader of 2nd Party


Delete SRA


Party Lead on Planning Committee


Delete SRA




It was noted that Paragraph 2.4 vii), should read ‘(20 signatures local, 100 borough-wide)’ (not 200).  Subject to this amendment, Councillor Edwards moved, and Councillor Bianco seconded, the motion as set out on the Order of Business and it was:


RESOLVED: That the remodelled Constitution of the London Borough of Hillingdon be adopted with immediate effect, subject to:

1)     the proposed amendment to Standing Order 15 in the Council Procedure Rules regarding Adjournment debates which, in accordance with Council SO 26.2, will stand adjourned to be considered at the next ordinary Council meeting; and

2)     the updated Petition Scheme, where changes to the validity of petitions, will come into effect from 1 July 2022.




Councillor Edwards moved, and Councillor Bianco seconded, the motion as set out on the Order of Business and it was:


RESOLVED: That the Council appoint representatives to those bodies indicated in Minute Annex A and the Head of Democratic Services, in consultation with the Chief Whips of the political Groups, be authorised to make the appropriate appointments.




Councillor Edwards moved, and Councillor Bianco seconded, the motion as set out on the Order of Business and it was:



a)        Mr Andy Evans be appointed to the role of Section 151 Officer of the Council upon departure of the current S151 Officer; and

b)        Mr Glen Egan be appointed as interim Monitoring Officer of the Council w.e.f 21 May 2021.


Committee Allocations and Membership 2022/2023 pdf icon PDF 79 KB

To determine the number and size of Council committees and allocate Members to serve on those committees based on the political balance of the Council where required.


Councillor R Mills moved, and Councillor Davies seconded, the motion as set out on the Order of Business and it was:


ReSOLVED: That the appointment of Committees, Sub-Committees and their memberships, as set out in Minute Annex B, be approved.


Select Committees' Annual Report pdf icon PDF 4 MB

To receive the annual report.


The Council received a report of the work covered by the Select Committees in 2021/22.  It was moved by Councillor Bridges, seconded by Councillor Denys, and:


RESOLVED:  That the report be noted.


Statement by the Leader of the Council

In accordance with the provisions of the Constitution, to receive, without comment, a statement from the Leader of the Council.


The Leader of the Council advised that the recent Borough elections had resulted in the appointment of Conservative administrations in both Hillingdon and Harrow for the next four years.  The Council would be open to working with other like-minded authorities and would be exploring opportunities. 


The administration’s sound financial management had put the Council in a stable position with a good level of balances.  However, it would be important to ensure that these balances were protected and not used to address underlying cost pressures. 


Although there had been a reduction in the number of Elected Members from 65 to 53 and a £300k saving on Member support, additional savings would still need to be identified from across the Council. 


Inflation had been impacted by the Russian invasion of Ukraine and had been increasing much faster than anticipated and unemployment levels were expected to increase to 5½% by 2025.  As residents were feeling the financial squeeze, the Council would not be increasing fees and charges and had instead been looking at its expenditure.  Officers had been looking to identify additional savings whilst continuing to provide services such as weekly waste and recycling collections, looking after vulnerable residents and maintaining the roads, parks and open spaces in the Borough.  Consideration was now being given to modernising pay scales with a review of senior and middle management and thought was being given to improving residents’ electronic access to services. 


During the purdah period, the Council had secured Broadwater Lake in Harefield for the relocation of Hillingdon Outdoor Activities Centre (HOAC).  It was anticipated that the new Centre would exceed all expectations.  The development of the Borough’s fifth leisure centre was on track to be opened in the summer of 2024 and additional SEN (Special Educational Needs) school places were also being secured in Hillingdon.  Other work included the development of Cranford Park as a destination, the regeneration of Hayes and the furtherance of the Council’s climate change pledge which would be expedited. 


The Leader stated that the Conservative Administration would provide strong leadership to the Council and make the changes necessary to ensure that Hillingdon remained a desirable place to live and work.  The Labour Group would provide challenge to the programme and service delivery and the Cabinet Members would deliver outstanding results.  He was confident that sound financial management would help the Council to emerge more efficient from the current financial squeeze whist continuing to put residents first. 

Minute Annex A - Outside Body Appointments pdf icon PDF 51 KB

Minute Annex B - Committee Allocations pdf icon PDF 79 KB

Order of Business pdf icon PDF 140 KB