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Social Care, Housing and Public Health Policy Overview Committee

This page lists the meetings for Social Care, Housing and Public Health Policy Overview Committee.


Information about Social Care, Housing and Public Health Policy Overview Committee

A central role of a Policy Overview Committees is to undertake in-depth policy reviews on specific issues. Reviews provide the opportunity to hear from members of the public and expert witnesses, including people from a wide range of external organisations. Reviews usually make recommendations to the Cabinet on how the Council could improve its work. They therefore perform an important role in opening up the policy-making process to a wider audience, including people who would not normally have the opportunity to participate.


This Committee performs the overview role outlined above in relation to the following matters:


·              Social care services for children, young persons and children with special needs

·              Oversee the Council’s Corporate Parenting responsibilities

·              Adoption and Fostering

·              Family Services

·              Adult Social Care

·              Older People’s Services

·              Care and support for people with physical disabilities, mental health problems and learning difficulties

·              Asylum Seekers

·              Local Authority Public Health services

·              Encouraging a fit and healthy lifestyle

·              Health Control Unit, Heathrow

·              Encouraging home ownership

·              Social and supported housing provision for local residents

·              Homelessness and housing needs

·              Home energy conservation

·              National Welfare and Benefits changes


The Social Care, Housing & Public Health Policy Overview Committee may establish a Panel to support strong oversight of the Council’s corporate parenting responsibilities. The Committee may appoint 3 Members to this Panel based on political balance. Membership may include non-Cabinet Members not on the Committee. The Committee may also appoint relevant Council officers and other external stakeholders to the Panel and agree its chairmanship and operation. In agreeing its operation, the Committee will provide for the Panel not to be able to establish any other sub-group or body to carry out its responsibilities.