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The Cabinet Member considered a petition from residents of Coney Grove requesting a resident only parking management scheme. In support of the petition, the petitioners spoke of their concerns and suggestions including the following:


·         There were eight parking bays owned by Catalyst Housing Group. Residents requested the adoption of these parking bays and for them to be controlled by the Council.

·         There were a number of new restaurants in the area that affected the amount of available parking for residents.

·         As a result of the success of the local restaurants there was an increase in anti social behaviour and noise in the area.

·         Coney Grove had been impacted the mostt negatively as it was closest to the restaurants and it deserved its own separate parking scheme. Petitioners wanted a separate parking scheme from Harlington Road.

·         People parked on the pavement outside the pub which meant that people would have to walk on the road.


The Chairman read a statement form Cllr Mills, Ward Councillor, into the record which stated:


Good evening,


Unfortunately I am unable to attend in person tonight, but as Ward Councillor, would like to add my support to the petition to consider a residents only parking management scheme within Coney Grove, Hillingdon.


Following the change of operation of the Prince of Wales Pub on Harlington Road, to a restaurant there has been a significant increase in visitor parking in Coney Grove, which is opposite the restaurant.


The Cabinet Member will already be aware that a petition has already been received and heard by residents of Harlington Road who were concerned about this issue and that a consultation will commence with residents in that road shortly.


The lead petitioner for a Coney Grove scheme has contacted me many times in advance of this petition hearing to confirm that they would like to see a scheme specifically for the residents of Coney Grove, separate to the scheme proposed for Harlington Road.


I am happy to support this proposal, and would encourage a consultation with residents in Coney Grove to be undertaken, wherein it is made clear to them that if they opt for a separate scheme to the overall Harlington Road one, they would not be permitted to park on the main road either.


new restaurants in An extension to the Cowley Parking Management Scheme was offered to residents five or six years ago. At the time residents from St David Close requested to be excluded from the scheme.


Councillor Brian Stead attended the meeting and spoke as Ward Councillor in support of the petition. He supported the comments made by the residents and submitted that the residents had put up with a lot given the anti social behaviour within the area.


Councillor Burrows listened to the concerns of the petitioners and responded to the points raised. He noted the recent petition at Harlington Road. He clarified that parking could not be enforced through CCTV. He acknowledged the concerns raised and suggested adding Coney Grove to the parking management programme. 


In considering the matters, Councillors Burrows made the following decisions. 




Meeting with the Petitioners, the Cabinet Member:


1.    Listened to their request for the introduction of a residents' only parking scheme in Coney Grove, Uxbridge


2.    Asked officers to add the request to the Council's extensive parking programme for further informal consultation and decides if a scheme should be proposed specifically for the residents of Coney Grove, Uxbridge.


Reason for decisions


The Cabinet Member discussed with petitioners their concerns and added their request to the parking schemes programme.


Alternative options considered and rejected


These were discussed with petitioners


Supporting documents: