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The Cabinet Member considered a petition from residents of living in the vicinity of the bus stop along West End Road south of Wingfield Way, South Ruislip.  In support of the petition, the petitioners spoke of their concerns and suggestions including the following:


·         Residents were afraid to use the bus stop as it was unsafe.

·         Residents had to stand behind the bus stop as they were too afraid to down due to its closeness to the road.

·         There dangerous cycles and bicycle riders could be knocked down .

·         They suggested turning the bus stop around to enable residents to use the bench to sit down.

·         Requested side panels to avoid windy and wet weather conditions.

·         Residents preferred to taxis to do their shopping rather than using the buses.


Councillor Allan Kauffman attended the meeting and spoke as Ward Councillor in support of the petition. He reiterated that the view of residents and said that many residents used taxis as it was not safe. There was another bus stop on West End road that was back facing, and this was well used. He also questioned the safeness of disabled access.


Councillor Burrows listened to the concerns of the petitioners and responded to the points raised. Councillor Burrows acknowledged that this bus stop was develop d in 2016 based on resident request. This went through a consultation period and was supported by residents. The bus stop had been the subject to an accessibility test and no access issues were found. Safety audits had also been carried out and it was found to be fine. There was risk that turning the bus stop around may restrict the viewing of oncoming traffic and buses


David Knowles, Head of Transport and Town Centre Projects, mindful that a lot of people did like to cycle and in relation to glass panel TFL were not usually keen on this.  However he suggested that this area be looked at again and see if there was a better location for the bus stop.


In considering the matters, Councillors Burrows made the following decisions. 




That the Cabinet Member:


1.         Met with and listened to the petitioners’ concerns;


2.         Advised petitioners that bus stops and bus stop infrastructure were principally the responsibility of Transport for London (TfL) and their subsidiary London Buses;


3.         Noted that the bus stop in West End Road near Wingfield Way was slightly altered to accommodate a shared cycle/ footway which, as the Cabinet member was aware, was implemented in response to an earlier petition from local residents;


4.         Noted that as part of the scheme referenced under (3) above, the bus stop had been subject to a road safety audit and a bus stop accessibility audit both 'before' and 'after' implementation of the scheme, and the layout was found to be in accordance with current design standards;


5.         Noted that in response to enquiries by the Council in the wake of the petition, the police stressed the road safety importance of clear sight-lines between drivers travelling north along A4180 West End Road and drivers leaving Wingfield Way;   


6.         Noted that locating the bus shelter further away from the carriageway would significantly compromise the design standard for the width of the shared use path width behind it; 


7.         Notwithstanding the above, asked officers to consider any further testimony from petitioners, and if deemed appropriate, to undertake further investigation and report back to him; and


8.         Asked officers to meet with TFL to work out current location and design at the bus stop and report to the Cabinet Member for Planning, Transportation and Recycling.


Reason for decisions


The petition hearing provided the opportunity to discuss with the petitioners’ their concerns and aspirations.


Alternative options considered and rejected




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