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Highland Road, Northwood Hills - The Proposed Northwood Hills Parking Management Scheme


The petitioner addressed the Cabinet Member, and highlighted the following points:

·         The petition was submitted to ensure that the Council listened to the residents of Highland Road.

·         An informal consultation was carried out in Autumn 2017. Of the 94 homes on Highland Road, 49 homes (52%) replied:

o   12 in favour of a parking management scheme

o   9 in favour of waiting restrictions

o   27 in favour of no change

o   1 void

·         Therefore, 55% of responders did not want any change to the current parking arrangements.

·         However, residents were not aware, or did not understand, that the Council would instigate a scheme on a road-by-road basis. As such, the 4 closest roads to Highland Road had been included in the scheme, namely Colchester Road, Lichfield Road, York Road, and Winchester Road.

·         These 4 roads were formally consulted on a scheme in October 2018. Highland Road was not. Any scheme on these roads would result in an increase in commuter parking into Highland Road, as the cars would be unable to park on the aforementioned 4 roads.

·         The Council has not provided sufficient information on what the scheme will constitute.

·         It is understood that in order to mark up a parking bay, 4.5m minimum is required. If this is not available then a yellow line will be drawn, which will operate at the same time as the parking permit scheme. This meant that no one would be able to park on the yellow line during the scheme hour, not even resident permit holders. In addition, yellow lines would be painted across driveways and would include up to 1m clearance from the edge of the dropped curb before a bay is marked. This would result in less available parking for residents.

·         Brighton & Hove Council paint white road markings to deter parking across driveways. Could this be considered for Hillingdon?

·         If a parking management scheme was instigated, what options were there to remove or amend the scheme, if it was subsequently determined that the scheme was not working?

·         In conclusion, it was requested that:

o   Hillingdon should re-consult with the residents of Highland Road, with full information on the scheme, and the precise details of any parking bays;

o   Part of the road should be included in the scheme, commencing from where it joins York Road, up to the entrance to the park, situated close to home no. 44 (approximately half the road);

o   Hillingdon consider using white lines across driveways and not the yellow line as the scheme currently proposed.


Councillor Burrows read a statement from Ward Councillors, who were unable to attend in person. Points highlighted included:

·         Parking in Northwood Hills had been a hot topic for a considerable amount of time, with strong views on all sides on this issue. Ward Councillors had therefore encouraged the Council to pursue an evidence-based, balanced approach, which put the needs of residents first while ensuring that action was only taken if it had the support of a majority of residents.

·         It was likely that creep from commuter or resident cars parking in Highland Road will be a consequence of introducing a parking scheme into a road where parking was previously possible.

·         Ward Councillors support the petitioner in their aims to be included in a scheme, as long as two fundamental criteria are met, namely;

o   A majority of the residents in the street must be in favour of the proposals; and

o   The implementation of the main scheme must not be delayed.

The Cabinet Member listed to the petitioners, and addressed their points as follows:

·         Hillingdon does use the white lines referenced, and these could be considered within Highland Road;

·         The Council has the ability to review, change, and remove parking management schemes, if evidence shows that this is required.

·         The petitioner’s ideas could be considered as part of a detailed plan for Highland Road. This would require further consultation with residents of the road. The suggestion to implement a scheme for half of Highland Road was possible, though not normally policy, and would require further consideration.

RESOLVED:  Meeting with the petitioners, the Cabinet Member for Planning, Transportation and Recycling:


1.            listened to their request for the inclusion of Highland Road in the proposed Northwood Hills Parking Management Scheme; and


2.            asked officers to add the request for a Parking Management Scheme for Highland Road to the Council’s future parking scheme programme for an informal consultation, when resources permitted.


Reasons for recommendations


To allow the Cabinet Member to discuss with petitioners their concerns and, if appropriate, add their request to the parking schemes programme.


Alternative options considered / risk management


These were discussed with petitioners.

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