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Parkway, Hillingdon - Petition Opposing The Introduction Of Waiting Restrictions


The Cabinet Member considered a petition from residents objecting to the installation of parking restrictions in Parkway, Hillingdon. The petitioners spoke of their concerns and suggestions including the following:


·         The lead petitioner had lived in the area for 8 or 9 years and had experienced no significant problems prior to the introduction of the current parking restrictions;

·         Previously, residents had been approached and asked to sign a petition requesting parking restrictions to limit the number of commuters parking along their street and travelling into London. However, they were expecting parking permits rather than yellow lines and had not fully understood the options set out in the consultation letter received from Council officers;

·         As a result of the first petition, yellow lines were installed in Parkway approximately two months previously. Consequently, the road was now empty of parked cars and parents of children at the local school were speeding down the road and driving dangerously at school pick up / drop off times;

·         Residents were no longer able to park their own cars outside their houses;

·         Court Park car park was overly full as residents and commuters were choosing to park there as they could no longer park along Parkway;

·         The Lead Petitioner had a video recording as evidence which he agreed to email to Steve Austin, Traffic, Parking, Road Safety and School Travel Team Manager;

·         In summary, residents were very concerned about the speeding cars, the safety of pedestrians trying to cross the roads and the fact that they could no longer park outside their own houses. They were requesting a permit parking scheme to resolve these concerns.


Councillor Ray Graham attended the meeting and spoke as Ward Councillor in support of the petition. He noted the concerns of the residents in relation to speeding cars, safety and the busy car park. Councillor Graham suggested that, in the short term, a 24/7 speed monitoring survey be undertaken to back up the residents' case.


Councillor Burrows listened to the concerns of residents and responded to the points raised. He noted that a parking scheme in the area had been consulted on previously and 61% of residents had replied; this was a high return rate and 15 of 22 residents had opted for parking restrictions. However, Councillor Burrows also noted that residents had not fully understood what was being offered at the time and had expected permit parking rather than yellow lines. The permit parking scheme was explained to petitioners; if it went ahead they would receive one free permit and ten visitor vouchers per year. There would be an annual fee for additional permits. For clarification, the Cabinet Member advised petitioners to contact Council officers prior to completing their consultation forms to ensure full understanding of the options on offer. Petitioners were advised to encourage residents of Parkway to complete and return their forms to ensure their views were taken into account.


It was agreed that 24/7 traffic surveys would be completed. Steve Austin, Traffic, Parking, Road Safety and School Travel Team Manager, discussed with petitioners and the Ward Councillor where the monitoring tubes should be located.


The Cabinet Member also asked officers to review the current parking arrangements at Hillingdon Court Park.




Meeting with the petitioners, the Cabinet Member:-


1.    Discussed with petitioners their concerns relating to the waiting restrictions which were recently introduced in Parkway, Hillingdon;

2.    Noted that the present scheme in Parkway came about as a direct consequence of a previous petition and subsequent consultations;

3.    Discussed with petitioners their suggestion to make Parkway, Hillingdon part of a Parking Management Scheme and explained to them the Council's current parking permits policy;

4.    Decided that residents of Parkway, Hillingdon should be informally consulted on the option of a Parking Management Scheme to replace the current waiting restrictions;

5.    Asked officers to undertake traffic surveys, at locations agreed by the petitioners and Councillor Graham and then report back to the Cabinet Member and local Ward Councillors; and

6.    Asked officers to review current parking practices in the Court Park car park and report back to the Cabinet Member for Planning, Transportation and Recycling.

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