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Petition Request To Widen Victoria Road To Allow Lorry Access And Provide Parking Spaces


The Cabinet Member considered a petition from residents requesting to widen Victoria Road to allow access and to provide parking spaces. The petitioners spoke of their concerns and suggestions including the following:


·         Victoria Road was built in the 30s/40s as an access road to a housing estate. It was not made to be used as a main road.

·         Over the past 50 years the volume of traffic had increased thus resulting in more pollution and congestion.

·         Due to retail, trading and industrial developments nearby, the volume of lorries/vans/ large vehicles had increased by 300 – 400%.

·         Victoria Road was now a “pinch point”.

·         There were issues with commuter parking which caused parking pressure in the area and limited parking for residents. Gardens were too small to allow drop curbs.

·         It was reported that there had been a number of incidents involving damage to cars parked on the road as the roads were too tight. One resident had had four wing mirrors damaged due to cars knocking them off.

·         Large Lorries and buses travelling down the road would often not give each other way to access which caused excessive noise levels through regular horning.

·         Petitioners stated that a “rethink needed to be done at the pinch point”.

·         Petitioners acknowledged that the Council was reluctant to take away trees, however submitted that cutting back the verges would relieve pressure and keep traffic moving to widen the road.


Councillor Alan Kauffman attended the meeting and spoke as Ward Councillor for South Ruislip in support of the petition. He noted the issues and concerns raised by residents. He asserted that there was a major increase in traffic which caused gridlocks due to the increase in local businesses nearby. There had been a huge development in the area including five retail parks, 92 businesses, six major retailers including Lidl, Sainsbury's, ASDA, Aldi, B&M and Ocado. There had also been associated traffic generated by the increase in the number of new homes being developed. This was all causing an impact on residents of Victoria Road. Further, the pinch point at Victoria Road caused by commuter and resident parking on both sides of the carriageway, made it impossible for two large delivery lorries / buses to pass. Victoria Road was a part of the main lorry route from Ruislip through South Ruislip. As a consequence there were major traffic jams in both directions, together with the pollution generated by idling vehicles.  Councillor Kauffman noted that Victoria Road was also referred to as “wing mirror alley” due to the tightness and raised whether single yellow lines could be considered. Councillor Kauffman sympathised with residents and hoped that the concerns raised in the petition would be addressed. In relation to recommendation 4, Councillor Kauffman hoped it would also include site visits to see the issues raised by residents in situ.


Councillor Steve Tuckwell attended the meeting and spoke as Ward Councillor for South Ruislip in support of the petition. He shared the views of Councillor Kauffman.


Councillor Teji Barnes attended the meeting and spoke as Ward Councillor for Cavendish. Councillor Barnes accepted that Victoria Road was a pinch point and had heavy traffic. The side roads were already used for parking and caused discomfort for residents. However, Councillor Barnes submitted that this she did not support this petition as Ward Councillor for Cavendish due to the potential consequential impacts on roads in the Cavendish Ward.  Councillor Barnes’ submissions were endorsed by both Councillor Eddie Lavery and Councillor Heena Makwana who confirmed their views by email.


Councillor Douglas Mills, Ward Councillor for Manor submitted, by email, that he saw no justification to make any road layout changes for this part of Victoria Road. The planning process for The Old Dairy site duly considered traffic issues and the resultant road layout was working.


Councillor Burrows listened to the concerns of the petitioners and responded to the points raised. Councillor Burrows did not agree with reducing green space/ verges and noted that residents had previously rejected other proposals in the area. However, he was keen to make not restrictions confusing, which would also affect local residents in the long term.


Councillor Burrows noted the claim by Cllr Kauffman that Victoria Road was referred to as “Mirror Alley”. However, he referred to the notes from a traffic liaising meeting where it was confirmed that there were no issues in this area of concern to bus operators. The meeting took place between officers and the police and bus operators who all indicated that they had no issues in the area.


Councillor Burrows explained that an independent traffic survey would be commissioned through a specialist company in the normal manner. He explained that recommendation 4 would give further details about the type of vehicle and once all the information was collated it would be analysed. Councillor Burrows also assured petitioners and the Ward Councillors that site visits would be undertaken during peak times to obtain an accurate idea of traffic levels.


In considering the matters, Councillors Burrows made the following decisions. 




Meeting with the Petitioners, the Cabinet Member:



1.            Discussed with petitioners their concerns relating to lorry access along Victoria Road between its junction with West Mead Road and Torcross Road;


2.            Advised petitioners that the Council will not, as a general rule widen highways at the expense of long established grass verges;


3.            Noted that residents have previously rejected proposals for parking management measures in this section of Victoria Road; and


4.            Instructed officers to commission a suitable 24/7 traffic survey which will identify prevailing vehicle speeds, types and volumes.


Reason for decision


The petition hearing provided a valuable opportunity for the Cabinet Member to discuss with petitioners their concerns and add aspects of their request for further investigation.


Alternative options considered / risk management


None at this stage.


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