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Whitehall Road, Uxbridge - Petition Requesting Traffic Calming Measures


The Cabinet Member considered a petition from residents requesting pedestrian safety movements in Hayes Town Centre. In support of the petition, the petitioners spoke of their concerns and suggestions including the following:


·         Concerns were raised about the lack of traffic calming measures on Whitehall Road outside the rear entrance of the school.

·         The School Business manager had first-hand knowledge of near miss incidents as they were often at the back of the gate at the time of school entrance and exits.

·         There was an increasing risk to the safety of children, parents and generally people using the entrance due to speeding vehicles.

·         A request was made for more traffic calming measures and measures to increase pedestrian safety


Councillor Judith Cooper submitted the following by email:


I apologise for being unable to attend this evenings hearing.  However, I am well acquainted with the traffic issues along Whitehall Road.  Traffic (including pedestrian) safety is exacerbated by parking close to junctions eg at the top of Walford Road.  It is a long, straight stretch of road that invites speeding.  Of particular note is the Children's Centre adjacent to Whitehall School which is used mostly by pedestrians, usually young Mums with toddlers, buggies etc.


Of great significance is the change in access to Whitehall school since it was enlarged from 3 form entry to 4 form, creating a 25% increase in traffic.  In order to alleviate the congestion on Cowley Road a permanent rear access was created. This has resulted in a huge increase in traffic, parents in cars, staff parking and a much greater number of pedestrians, including young children.  The pavements are crowded, especially in the morning when the school opens and many pedestrians resort to walking in the road to overtake slower walkers.  Another factor that has increased the use of Whitehall Road is the expansion of Brunel University.  The route from Cleveland Road and along Whitehall Road is the most direct route to Uxbridge for many students.


Altogether the level of usage and type of usage of the road has changed enormously in recent years.  I concur with residents concerns and agree that these safety issues need to be robustly addressed.


Councillor Farhad Choubedar attended the meeting as Ward Councillor and supported the petition. He attested to the concerns raised by the petitioners and requested speeding and traffic calming measures.


Councillor Burrows listened to the concerns of the petitioners and responded to the points raised. It was noted that the school was in the process of working with the Council’s Road Safety and School Travel Team. It was also noted that Whitehall Road was used by both residents and students. He had regard to the to the results from the previous pedestrian and traffic surveys detailed in the report and confirmed that further traffic surveys would be carried out to ascertain how busy the roads were.  Following the collation of this information, a further assessment would be made. He recognised that school warning signage may improve traffic in the area.


In considering the matters, Councillors Burrows made the following decisions. 




Meeting with the petitioners, the Cabinet Member:


  1. Listened to their request for traffic calming measures in Whitehall Road, Uxbridge.


  1. Noted the work undertaken by the Council's Term Consultants Project Centre on measures for Whitehall Road, details of which are set out in the body of this report.


  1. Noted the results of previous traffic and pedestrian surveys undertaken along Whitehall Road, details of which are set out in the body of this report.


  1. Asked Officers to undertake further traffic surveys, at locations agreed by the petitioners, and to then report back.


5.    Noted the work being undertaken by the Council's Road Safety and School Travel Team, as detailed within the body of this report, and encourages both schools to work with the Council on travel initiatives.


6.    Instructed officers to look at school warning signage in Whitehall Road and report back to the Cabinet Member.


Reasons for decision


The petition hearing provided a valuable opportunity to hear directly from the petitioners of their concerns and suggestions.


Alternative options considered / risk management


None at this stage.



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