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Abbotswood Way, Hayes - Petition Requesting The Introduction Of Parking Controls


The Cabinet Member considered a petition from residents requesting parking controls in Abbotswood Way, Hayes.


The Lead Petitioner was present and made a number of points, including:


  • Emergency vehicles were unable to pass through Abbotswood Way to surrounding areas as cars were double parked and there is not enough room to get through (most cars are big SUV’s/ 4x4’s). One of the signatories to the petition divulged that she had previously called for an ambulance for her husband and the ambulance could not get through.
  • Cars were often stopping in the middle of the road, as they were unable to get through because of vehicles being double parked.
  • Residents in the area were unable to exit their driveways due to parking problems between the hours of 07:30am-09:00am and 14:30pm-16:00pm.
  • As a result of these problems, vehicles were now being forced to park elsewhere and in unorthodox/ illegal locations such as on private driveways.
  • Teachers at the nearby Guru Nanak Sikh School were avoiding parking there as well, as they were also aware of the problems.
  • The lead petitioner’s personal vehicle had been damaged by a 4x4 in the past as it tried to squeeze through the road in question.
  • Parents dropping off children to school were sometimes abusive and rude towards residents.
  • The issues were predominantly occurring during school times, as issues were not being reported during non-school hours.
  • These problems were due to get worse as a result of planned construction works nearby.
  • Mitigation measures seen at other schools, such as no parking zones, could be considered.
  • Attempts to address the matter with the school had been unsuccessful.


The Cabinet Member acknowledged points made by the lead petitioner. 


Councillor Stuart Mathers, Ward Councillor for Wood End, echoed the lead petitioner and made the following points:


  • the nearby school should take greater responsibility to address the issues.
  • The ongoing construction of Avondale Estate nearby would likely amplify the problems through additional construction traffic etc.
  • A parking management scheme could be a viable solution but
  • the Council could employ a ‘school time-only’ parking restriction at specific locations in the immediate area.


Councillor Elizabeth Garelick, Ward Councillor for Wood End, also endorsed the lead petitioners concerns and made the following points:


  • a park and ride initiative could be instigated, located at the Sainsbury’s car park nearby to the school.


The Cabinet Member acknowledged the arguments made by the petitioner and Ward Councillors and pledged further investigation to provide a long-term answer. The Cabinet Member agreed that further dialogue with the school was likely required.


RESOLVED That the Cabinet Member for Property, Highways and Transport:


1)    met with petitioners and listened to their requested parking controls in Abbotswood Way and possible surrounding road.

2)    Asked officers to add this request to the Council’s extensive Parking Scheme Programme for further investigation and possible informal consultation in an area agreed with Ward Councillor’s; and

3)    Asked officers to investigate further into cooperation with the school.   


Reasons for recommendations:


The Petition Hearing provided a valuable opportunity to hear directly from the petitioners of their concerns and suggestions.


Alternative options considered / risk management:


None at this stage.

Supporting documents: