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Petition Requesting Speed Control Measures on Mahlon Avenue.


The Cabinet Member considered a petition from residents requesting speed control measures on Mahlon Avenue, South Ruislip.


The Lead Petitioner was present and made a number of points, including:


  • There were significant concerns over speeding along Mahlon Avenue, sometimes speeds of up to 40/50mph during mornings and evenings.
  • There had been numerous incidents of vehicle damage as a result of this speeding; for example, wing mirrors being clipped.
  • Serious concerns over children’s safety were raised as there are a lot of young families on the road.
  • Lead Petitioner reported that the signatories reached consensus on a proposal for a 20mph speed limit being instituted in addition to speed bumps, similar to what had been done at nearby Edwards Avenue a short while ago.


The Cabinet Member acknowledged the points made by the Lead Petitioner and asked for clarification on whether this was mainly a one-way issue because of motorists attempting to avoid the nearby traffic lights. It was confirmed that the primary issue was speeding from those vehicles turning right onto Mahlon Avenue from Edwards Avenue and heading towards Station Approach. The Lead Petitioner specified that; as soon as motorists escaped Edwards Avenue, which had speed calming measures, and turned onto Mahlon Avenue, they see it as a clear road and an opportunity to get away with speeding. It was also clarified that a barrier existed at the junction of Mahlon Avenue and Edwards Avenue forcing drivers to turn right onto Mahlon Avenue.


The Cabinet Member acknowledged points made by the Lead Petitioner. 


Councillor Steve Tuckwell, Ward Councillor for South Ruislip reaffirmed his support for the petitioners stating:


  • He suspected the main reason for these speeding issues came from motorists trying to beat morning and afternoon rush hour traffic. The Ward Councillor for South Ruislip had witnessed this situation first-hand and elaborated that motorists were attempting to go in a horseshoe, in an attempt to beat the traffic frustrations on Station Approach. The Ward Councillor hypothesised that this could be a consequence of old satellite navigation systems not including the barrier and therefore seeing Mahlon Avenue as a potential shortcut onto West End Road.
  • The South Ruislip Resident’s Association had also expressed concern about the subject matter of the petition.
  • The concerns expressed by the Lead Petitioner were amplified by the narrow road and extensive parking on both sides. Furthermore, the nearby school and consistent pedestrian traffic also increased the potential risks.
  • Echoed the Lead Petitioner’s desire for resolution and suggested that one potential option for the Cabinet Member to investigate might be to implement a ‘No Left Turn’ onto Edward’s Avenue from Great Central Avenue for a 2-hour time period during the mornings.


The Cabinet Member acknowledged points made by the Ward Councillor for South Ruislip and briefly outlined his decision on the matter. In regard to the Cabinet Member’s proposal for speed survey’s, the Officer invited the Ward Councillor for South Ruislip and the Lead Petitioner to cooperate on the most appropriate location of these.


RESOLVED: That the Cabinet Member for Property, Highways and Transport:


1)    Met with petitioners and listened to their request for the Council to implement traffic calming measures and a 20mph speed limit on Mahlon Avenue, South Ruislip; and


2)    Asked officers to commission independent 24/7 traffic and speed surveys on Mahlon Avenue at locations agreed with petitioners and Ward Councillor, and to report back to the Cabinet Member on the outcome; and 


Reasons for recommendations:


The Petition Hearing provided a valuable opportunity to hear directly from the petitioners of their concerns and suggestions.


Alternative options considered / risk management:


None at this stage.

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