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139 Belmont Road, Uxbridge - 17175/APP/2022/1989

Redevelopment of existing two storey dwelling, and the erection of 3 no. dwellings with associated private amenity space, car parking, bike and refuse storage.


Recommendation: Refusal


RESOLVED: That the application be refused.


Redevelopment of existing two storey dwelling and the erection of 3 no. dwellings with associated private amenity space, car parking, bike and refuse storage.


Officers introduced the application. It was noted that the area was characterised by detached two-storey properties. No flats or terraced properties were currently located in the vicinity of the application site. Officers felt the proposal would fail to integrate with the established character and appearance of the area due to its size and scale and would be unduly prominent. It was recommended that the application be refused. 


A petitioner addressed the Committee in objection to the application. Key points highlighted included:


·         The proposed development would be excessively large dwarfing existing houses;

·         There were no other terraced houses in the road at present;

·         Such a development could set a precedent for the future;

·         The proposal would increase pressure on local GP surgeries, schools and other amenities;

·         An application proposing 7 flats at the site had been rejected 14 years previously;

·         One parking space per house would be insufficient as parking was already at a premium in the area. The development would increase pressure on parking, particularly given the proximity of a roundabout and bus stop;

·         Concerns had been raised by neighbours in relation to noise, lack of privacy and loss of light.


The agent for the application was in attendance and addressed the Committee informing Members that the site was extremely large (1000 square metres - 22 metres wide and 44 metres deep).  It was centrally located with excellent transport links. The existing building varied from the norm as it was the only bungalow on the street - the proposal was to replace it with an alternative unusual structure and any other future development on the site was likely to take a similar form. Three large, good quality, comfortable, sustainable family homes were proposed (333 square metres each). It was confirmed that the design closely resembled other buildings along the street in terms of its roof pitch, materials, window proportions, eaves etc. The original form of the current building would be retained with the addition of one extra floor. It was claimed that concerns regarding overlooking were unfounded.


In response to questions from the Committee, the agent confirmed that there were existing flats on Belmont Road and other individual properties which varied from the norm. The scheme respected the existing in terms of its proposed form and appearance. It would be a sustainable development on a town centre site.


Committee Members observed that the proposal would fail to integrate with the area and would be harmful to the visual amenity of the area. Concerns were raised in relation to parking although it was recognised that the number of spaces proposed was compliant with the requirements of the London Plan.


Councillors acknowledged the need for additional family homes in the Borough but supported the officer’s recommendation and agreed that the development was excessive for the site.


The officer’s recommendation was moved, seconded and, when put to a vote, unanimously agreed.


RESOLVED: That the application be refused.

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