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The Cabinet Member considered a petition from residents requesting a zebra crossing on Hatch Lane, Harmondsworth. The lead petitioner introduced himself as the Chair of Governors, previous vice-Chair, and previous member of the governing board at Harmondsworth Primary School. The petitioner noted their good local connections within the school community, further noting that the 26 signatures on the petition was likely an under-representation of the backing of the petition.


Bus Stop B on Hatch Lane currently had no pavement beside it, although there was a nearby dropped kerb that was used as an informal crossing point. Parents had highlighted to the petitioner near misses in terms of potential accidents and the petitioner noted the considerable number of people crossing the road to use the bus stop that morning alone. It was highlighted that elderly people in particular struggled to make the crossing to the bus stop. The proposed zebra crossing would allow access for all.


The opposite side of the road to the bus stop provided easy walking access through Candover Close to Harmondsworth Primary School. It was further noted that parents did not encourage their children use this route due to safety concerns, and many were instead driving in. Related to this, the petitioner highlighted school children making the transition from Year 6 to Secondary School, and how this would often lead to increased independence in travel terms as using buses increased independence. A high percentage of school children lived outside the Harmondsworth Village area and needed to make use of a range of transport options including buses.


Safety was of paramount importance, and this was backed up by teachers, the headteacher, governing board, parents and students of Harmondsworth Primary School. A zebra crossing would provide a safe walking route for children as well as Heathrow employees and had a number of benefits to the community.


Councillor Nelson addressed the Cabinet Member as Ward Councillor for Heathrow Villages. Councillor Nelson was in support of the petition and noted that she was also a governor of the school. At the bus stop, there was no walkway, only a small, concreted area. Safety was the primary concern as drivers often exceeded the 20mph speed limit, especially during rush hour. It was noted that it was difficult to cross the road and residents sometimes resorted to entering the road to stop traffic to allow children to cross, which added to the safety concerns. Councillor Nelson gave her full support to the petitioner and asked the Cabinet Member to consider the best form of safety for school children and residents.


Officers noted their thanks to the petitioner for submitting the petition but noted that the lack of footway was a challenge. It was noted that the verge was narrow and that the land beyond the hedge line was privately-owned land. There was only limited space for passengers to alight from buses. Officers noted the helpful testimony of the petitioner and Ward Councillor.


The Cabinet Member asked if there was a pavement nearby, and Officers confirmed that there was not. The Cabinet Member noted a previous suggestion for a refuge in the road, but that the road itself was probably too narrow for this. An issue with a zebra crossing would be if there was insufficient space next to the bus stop to allow implementation. The Cabinet Member noted their sympathy with the residents and noted that it was disappointing that drivers exceeded the speed limit despite the 20mph zone. 


A suggestion of possibly moving the bus stop was raised, depending on any wider pavement space further up or down the road. Furthermore, the current dropped kerb which was used as an informal crossing point could be moved in line with any new bus stop, depending on further investigation.




That the Cabinet Member for Property, Highways and Transport:


1.    Met with petitioners and listened to their request for a zebra crossing on Hatch Lane, Harmondsworth;


2.    Noted petitioners’ concerns over vehicle speeds on Hatch Lane and instructed officers to undertake 24/7 speed and vehicle classification surveys;


3.    Asked officers to investigate the feasibility of a zebra crossing on Hatch Lane, given the constraints, most notably the lack of footway provision on one side of the road;


4.    Instructed officers to commission video surveys to understand the level of and desire line of pedestrians crossing Hatch Lane; and


5.    Based on the results of the traffic surveys and zebra crossing feasibility investigations, instructed officers to explore further investigations for improving road safety on Hatch Lane, within the scope of the petitioners’ testimony and report back.


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