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The Cabinet Member considered two related petitions from residents requesting the Council implement a 20mph zone and a Parking Management Scheme between the junction of The Ridgeway with Hawtrey Drive and Westholme Gardens. The lead petitioner attended and outlined their two related petitions.


The petitioner thanked their Ward Councillors for their support and noted that the PMS was the main objective, although the 20mph zone was also required to address the issues, one of which was the safety of school children of Warrender Primary and Bishop Ramsey Secondary schools which were nearby. This section of The Ridgeway was on a direct route from Ruislip Manor tube and bus stops to Bishop Ramsey school, which increased safety concerns. It was noted that Warrender Primary School was increasing in size, and this would also lead to further increased safety concerns.


Unrestricted and inconsiderate parking were the main cause of road safety issues on a narrow road with a number of bends. This also heightened the risk of sight line issues where vehicles often could not see each other until they were very close together. This all contributed to increased driver impatience and confrontations between residents, and one incident of road rage in July 2022 was referenced. A 20mph zone alone would not tackle the road safety issues.


The petitioner referenced the recommendation for 24/7 traffic and speed surveys but noted that these would not consider parked vehicles. It was noted that while Parking Management Schemes were not usually implemented in such small areas, The Ridgeway was a special case due to the issue of sight lines. A small Parking Management Scheme in nearby Windmill Way was referenced. The petitioner indicated that they would be happy to be consulted on being part of a wider Parking Management Scheme and 20mph zone. Reference was given to the next agenda item, which also concerned The Ridgeway. The petitioner noted that there had been a previous consultation a number of years ago concerning yellow lines, however there had not been any consultations on a parking scheme that would limit parking to residents and their visitors to one hour in the morning and one hour in the afternoon.


Councillors Corthorne, Riley and Smallwood attended as Ruislip Ward Councillors and addressed the Cabinet Member. The Ward Councillors noted the historical nature of the issues and referenced the problem of sight lines, vehicle speed, and congestion. Councillor Corthorne noted that they were generally not in favour of Parking Management Schemes, however, the safety concerns in this case warranted further consideration. Councillor Riley noted his support for the petition; referenced a number of near misses; and noted that a solution was required to address the speed and parking issues. Councillor Smallwood noted the nearby Warrender Primary and Bishop Ramsey Secondary schools, and that the close vicinity to the two schools increased the safety concerns.


The Cabinet Member noted that Parking Management Schemes were not implemented unless directly requested, but further noted that they were not generally implemented in such small areas. It was further noted that Parking Management Schemes generally resulted in a reduction in parking spaces, as they had to adhere to regulations around design. As this scheme was requested to include restricting parking for one hour in the morning and one hour in the afternoon, Monday to Friday, to residents with permits and their visitor’s displaying visitor permits, it was noted that there was a new £75 fee for the permit for the first vehicle. It was further noted that restricting parking for two one-hour slots would not resolve all parking issues and would focus mainly on all-day parking of commuters. A Parking Management Scheme may only move the issue to nearby roads. This could result in a scenario where residents of other roads, who did not currently experience parking issues, when finding themselves with increased parking issues due to the implementation of the current scheme, subsequently wanting a scheme of their own.


The Cabinet Member noted that the Council had no enforcement powers over a 20mph zone, and only the Police could enforce this. Possible alternative strategies such as flashing warning signs that display current speed were noted. The petitioner noted that doing nothing was not an option, and that even 20mph was too fast when trying to navigate around parked cars. It was noted that drivers often had to drive at 10mph. The petitioner noted that the one-hour restrictions would improve sight lines and be a form of traffic calming. It was noted that a yellow line may solve the issue of parking on the bend and that clearer roads may lead to increased speed as an unintended consequence. The Cabinet Member further noted that money for parking schemes often came from Transport for London.




That the Cabinet Member for Property, Highways and Transport:


1.    Met with petitioners and listened to their request for the Council to implement a 20mph zone and a Parking Management Scheme in The Ridgeway;


2.    Asked officers to commission 24/7 traffic and speed surveys in The Ridgeway at locations agreed with petitioners and Ward Councillors; and


3.    Asked officers to investigate the feasibility of a parking management scheme and/ or alternative schemes.

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