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Hayes Estate Regeneration Project Update


Perry Scott, the Corporate Director for Place, was present for this item and gave the Committee an overview of the two Hayes Estate Regeneration Projects, the Hayes Town Centre Estate and Avondale Drive Estate, so far and an update on the project’s progress. The Committee were informed about the extensive amount of resident engagement that took place prior to the development regarding what challenges there were on the estates and what the objectives of the new developments should be. A high level brief was drawn up and a ballot took place asking residents if they would like the Council to go ahead and regenerate the estates, the results of which were overwhelmingly positive. The Council was now in a place where there was a construction partner on board with the project, Higgins, who had started work in September 2022 with final delivery of the homes expected to be summer 2025.


Members were encouraged to see the high levels of resident engagement with the schemes and the positive feedback received, it was noted how important this project was in terms of the Council’s offer of high-quality social housing stock in the Borough. The Committee sought information regarding the transition process for residents in terms of moving out of the estate during construction and moving back once the units were finished. Officers informed the Committee that there multiple phases to what was called the ‘decanting’ process and officers liaised with each family on the estate to take up alternative properties across the Borough where they have the right to either return to the regenerated Hayes Town estates once the project had completed or to stay in their alternative accommodation. This had resulted in a good mix of those who sought to return to the newly built estates and those who were happy with their alternative accommodation.


The Committee queried what key performance indicators had been given to the chosen contractor, Higgins, with regard to utilising and supporting local workers and businesses. Members were informed that the Council had a whole raft of performance indicators and service level agreements within the contract with Higgins that held them to account regarding where their supply chains are, the number of jobs they create and their use of apprenticeship schemes; a significant facet of the key performance indicators related to social value.


More information was sought with regard to the strategic partnership between the Council and Higgins to which officers explained that there was a direct contract with Higgins to deliver the two Hayes Estate regeneration projects; secondly, there was a strategic partnership contract with Higgins enabling the Council to identify additional prospective regeneration schemes in the future and under the same contract. This could circumvent for future regeneration projects, what was a lengthy and expensive process in getting a partner on board. Equally, it was noted that the Council was not obliged to proceed with Higgins should any further projects be identified, this gave the Council a degree of flexibility.


Members queried to what extent the materials from the previous estates were being recycled into the new estates. Officers noted that a key piece of material recycling pertained to the fire doors that had been retained from the previous estates. These doors were expensive and well within their usable lifespan so officers felt it necessary to reuse the fire doors within the new iterations of the estates. Further information regarding the level of material recycling would be within the construction plan with Higgins.


There was appetite from the Committee to look into conducting a site visit with the contractor to observe the onsite progress of the project, it was expected that this could take place in the autumn.


RESOLVED: That the Property, Highways and Transport Select Committee noted the contents of the report.

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