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Request for Traffic Calming - Edinburgh Drive, Ickenham


The Cabinet Member considered a petition requesting traffic calming in Edinburgh Drive, Ickenham.


A written representation had been received from the lead petitioner:


The petitioner had lived in The Paddock, on the corner with Edinburgh Drive since 2016. It was a quiet, residential road where residents had driveways and permit parking outside their houses. These bays were usually full which narrowed both roads to a single lane and cars weaved to pass each other.


In the previous seven years that the petitioner had lived here, they had noticed a substantial increase in the traffic on Long Lane where cars travelled from the A40, through Ickenham and on towards Ruislip. Daily, it was common for drivers to come off of the A40 and hit standstill traffic, causing increase frustration. Cutting down Edinburgh Drive was an easy way round some of this traffic, but by the time cars reached this cut-through they would have already been queueing for some time and so typically, they would pull into Edinburgh Drive, round the bend by Douay Martyrs school and accelerate rapidly where there is a straight stretch of road. It was estimated that drivers would hit their top speed as the raced by The Paddock.


The Cabinet Member was informed of the petitioner’s personal tragedy whereby their 2-year-old pet cat was hit by a driver who did not stop, and subsequently died of her injuries the following day.


It was time for a review of the traffic on Edinburgh Drive, given its proximity to a large secondary school and residential properties, which suggested that a 30mph speed limit, even if this was adhered to which the petitioner felt it was often not, was too high to protect the school children, residents and beloved family pets of the local neighbourhood.


Councillor Eddie Lavery attended as Ward Councillor for Ickenham and South Harefield, and made the following points:


Edinburgh Drive was a potential cut-through from Long Lane. It was a busy road and there was a large school nearby. Traffic surveys would be a good guide as to what solutions may be appropriate. It was noted that the school currently did not engage with the Council’s school transport team, but they would be encouraged to do so.


The Cabinet Member noted that letters had recently gone out to all Hillingdon schools to encourage them to engage with the Council’s school transport team. Officers added that all Hillingdon schools were invited to participate in road safety schemes such as ‘Bikeability’ training, pedestrian training. Engagement on the school travel plan could lead to additional funding from Transport for London. Officers would follow up with Douay Martyrs.


The Cabinet Member noted that 20mph zones were sometimes implemented in close proximity to schools, and this could be investigated here for part of the road. Locations for traffic surveys would be discussed with petitioners and Ward Councillors.


That the Cabinet Member for Property, Highways and Transport:


1)    Listened to petitioners’ request for the Council to introduce measures to reduce the speed of traffic on Edinburgh Drive; and


2)    Asked officers to commission independent 24/7 traffic and speed surveys on Edinburgh Drive at locations agreed with petitioners and Ward Councillors.


Supporting documents: