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2023-24 Integrated Health and Care Performance Report


Mr Gary Collier, the Council’s Health and Social Care Integration Manager, advised that new information on reporting activities in the fourth quarter of the year had been awaited.  This entailed the need for a quarter three template and an additional 2024/25 planning addendum.  The latter was significant as it aimed to refresh the plan for the year 2024/25, encompassing an update to the Intermediate Care demand and capacity templates.  As guidance for the 2023/2024 submission in mid-February 2024 was expected in January 2024, the Board agreed to delegate authority for approval of the quarter 3 performance template and 2024/25 planning annex to the Council’s Corporate Director of Adult Social Care and Health in consultation with the Board Co-Chairs, NWL Borough Director and Healthwatch Hillingdon Chair. 


Mr Collier noted that the target for permanent admissions to care homes would not be met. It was suggested that an increase in need attributable to the pandemic was a contributing factor. The Board was assured that there were measures in place to ensure that permanent residential placements were the most appropriate means of addressing resident need.


With regard to the demand and capacity template, underutilisation had been observed in one pathway, and ongoing efforts to rectify this issue had been put in place.  Challenges were also acknowledged in managing capacity related to discharge to care homes due to supply constraints within the local care market.


Mr Spencer advised that a huge amount of work had been undertaken in relation to Integrated Neighbourhoods as well as the new Hillingdon Hospital redevelopment.  Significant work had also been undertaken to reduce the length of stay in hospital as this was part of the longer term plan.  The new end of life model had also gone live during the previous week.  Due to geographical changes, the Neighbourhood Teams had been reduced from six to three. 


Ms Sandra Taylor, the Council’s Corporate Director of Adult Social Care and Health, advised that it was important that partners shared as much as they could about what they were doing so that it could be captured at these Health and Wellbeing Board meetings.  The report had highlighted some excellent pieces of work and, on behalf of the Board, the Chair thanked Mr Collier for his efforts, particularly in outperforming other NWL boroughs and for navigating through a particularly challenging year.


Mr Tony Zaman, the Council’s Chief Executive, advised that it would be important that, early in 2024, a stocktake be undertaken on the models of care.  A meeting could be held for key people to put together a compendium of achievements and ambition (what had partners been doing?).  The Chair asked that Mr Zaman make arrangements for this to take place.   



a)    the BCF Quarter 2 performance template be approved.

b)    the content of the report be noted.

c)    approval of the Quarter 3 2023/24 performance template and 2024/25 Planning Annex be delegated to the Council’s Corporate Director of Adult Social Care and Health in consultation with the Health and Wellbeing Board Co-Chairs, the NHS NWL Borough Director and the Healthwatch Hillingdon Chair. 

d)    Mr Zaman arrange for a meeting to take place in the new year for partners to identify a compendium of achievements and ambition. 

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