Committee details

Residents, Education and Environmental Services Policy Overview Committee

Purpose of committee

A central role of a Policy Overview Committees is to undertake in-depth policy reviews on specific issues. Reviews provide the opportunity to hear from members of the public and expert witnesses, including people from a wide range of external organisations. Reviews usually make recommendations to the Cabinet on how the Council could improve its work. They therefore perform an important role in opening up the policy-making process to a wider audience, including people who would not normally have the opportunity to participate.


This Committee undertakes the policy overview role in relation to the following matters:


·           Education Services and statutory education authority functions

·           School performance and attainment

·           School Transport

·           Relationships with Local Academies / Free Schools

·           Pre-School & Early Years Services

·           Youth Services & Careers Services

·           Juvenile justice & probation services

·           Adult Learning

·           Education and learning partnerships

·           Music & The Arts

·           Highways, traffic, parking & street environment

·           Local transport, including rail, cycling & London Underground

·           Footpaths and Bridleways

·           Road safety and education

·           Planning & Building Control

·           Libraries

·           The Borough’s heritage and history

·           Sport & Leisure services

·           Waste management & recycling

·           Green spaces, allotments, woodlands, conservation and sustainable development

·           Consumer Protection, Trading Standards & Licensing

·           Registrars & Bereavement Services

·           Local watercourses, drainage and flooding

·           Environmental Health, Air & Noise Quality

·           Local impacts of Heathrow expansion

·           Local impacts of High Speed Rail



Contact information

Support officer: Neil Fraser.