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Monthly Council Budget Monitoring Report: Month 9 (Cllr Jonathan Bianco)


15/02/2019 - Monthly Council Budget Monitoring Report: Month 9



That Cabinet:


1.    Note the budget position as at December 2018 (Month 9) as outlined in Table 1.

2.    Note the Treasury Management update as at December 2018 at Appendix E.

3.    Continue the delegated authority up until the next Cabinet meeting to the Chief Executive to approve any consultancy and agency assignments over £50k, with final sign-off of any assignments made by the Leader of the Council. Cabinet are also asked to note those consultancy and agency assignments over £50k approved under delegated authority between 24th January and 14th February Cabinet meetings, detailed at Appendix F.

4.    Approves re-phasing of 2018/19 capital expenditure and associated financing budgets totalling £39,032k (General Fund) and £16,836k (HRA) into later years of the capital programme.

5.    Accept awards of £44k additional grant funding from Transport for London for the Bridges Assessment and Strengthening Programme (£35k) and Borough Officer Training Programme (£9k).

6.    Accept £71k funding from the Department for Education towards support for care leavers at risk of rough sleeping to be managed within Social Care budgets in 2018/19 and 2019/20.

7.    Accept £210k funding from the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government to support preparations for Brexit in 2018/19 and 2019/20, alongside additional funding to specifically support port authorities.

8.    Agree to the virement of £50k from unallocated capital contingency to fund works to the fountain at the Beck Theatre and approve the associated capital release.

9.    Ratify a special urgency decision taken by the Leader of the Council and the Cabinet Members for Finance, Property and Business Services and Community, Commerce and Regeneration on 14 February 2019 to:

a)    Accept the tender from Octaga Security Services Limited for the provision of security services at the Council’s Civic Centre and other corporate properties for a 3 year period from 15 March 2019 to 14 March 2022and at the value of £741,351 per annum.

b)   Furthermore, agree that this includes the provision to extend the contract for a further 1 + 1 year periods (5 years in total), subject to the approval of the Leader of the Council and Cabinet Member for Finance, Property and Business Services, in consultation with the Deputy Chief Executive and Corporate Director of Residents Services.

c)    Agree to TUPE transfer the CCTV operatives from Kingdom Security Services back in-house as part of the Council’s broader CCTV strategy.


Reasons for decision


Cabinet was informed of the latest Month 9 forecast revenue, capital and treasury position for the current year 2018/19 to ensure the Council achieved its budgetary and service objectives. Additionally, Cabinet approved the re-phasing of capital budgets, accepted a grant from Transport for London for bridge strengthening works, funding from HM Government in respect of rough sleeping and Brexit and the allocation and release of funds for fountain works at the Beck Theatre in Hayes.


Cabinet received an addendum to ratify a special urgency decision taken on the same day, to award a new security contract for the Civic Centre and corporate properties.


Alternative options considered and rejected




Officer to action:


Paul Whaymand, Finance


Classification: Public


The report and any background papers relating to this decision by the Cabinet are available to view on the Council's website or by visiting the Civic Centre, Uxbridge.