Current ePetitions


Hillingdon Council has a well-established petitions process which enables residents to put their views straight to Council decision-makers, such as the relevant Cabinet Member or a planning committee. An electronic or ePetition can be a more convenient alternative to a paper petition and the council provides this online facility as an option for this. Please read the rules below on what ePetitions can be submitted. Below you can submit a new petition or browse and sign existing ones.

Title Respondents Deadline to sign by
Speed restrictions - New Peachey Lane 10 27/08/2022
10 Oakwood Road Pinner bungalow conversion to flats planning objection - 36748/APP/2022/2188 28 31/08/2022
Request for parking restrictions for non-residents on the The Greenway, Ickenham to reduce traffic. 11 09/09/2022
Closure of Hillingdon Council's Early Years Centres 40 10/09/2022
Providing Public Toilets for Uxbridge Town Centre 11 12/10/2022
Installation of a Water Fountain in Dowding Park 33 Finished
Mini Roundabout at St Andrews Road and Churchill Road 51 Finished
Objection to Planning Application ref: 75553/APP/2022/1890 - To erect a new property on land between 10 & 11 Kent Close and 5 & 6 Fairlight Drive, Uxbridge 25 Finished
Petition against ref. 76590/APP/2022/1833 - double story on North Hyde Rd 0 Finished
Hillingdon House - Against planning application - 77108/APP/2022/691 - class of use to Sui Generis 113 Finished
Provide a safe pedestrian crossing at the junction of Rickmansworth Road and Green Lane in Northwood 40 Finished
Petition against planning application Ref: 17175/APP/2022/1989 - To replace current detatched property at 139 Belmont Road, Uxbridge, with three 4 bedrom terraced houses 3 Finished


What petitions can be accepted?

The Council will treat a paper or electronic petition as valid if: 

1.    It relates to a single issue within the Council’s responsibilities, e.g. a planning application, road traffic calming, change in a policy or a new community facility. 

2.    It reaches the required number of signatories of residents in the Borough based on whether it relates to a local or borough-wide issue as set out below: 

- Local petitions (20 signatures) - those relating to a planning / licensing application or a specific issue in your street or neighbourhood. A minimum of 20 signatories required.

- Borough-wide petitions (100 signatures) - those relating to Council services, policies or Council matters that are not local and apply across Hillingdon. A minimum of 100 signatories required.

3.    That the lead petitioner also lives in the Borough. 


Valid petitions are then formally considered by the Council. Ultimately you will have the democratic right to speak to Council decision-makers about the issue raised.

What petitions cannot be accepted?

A petition will not be valid, and thereby not accepted, if it falls into one of the obvious categories set out in the Council’s Petition Scheme here, e.g. a matter not within the Council’s remit or on matter where a recent decision has just been made following due public consultation. Petitions can also not be accepted on High Speed 2 Schedule 17 applications, as these are not planning applications and the law will always override any petitions received.

Process for submitting your ePetition

You can create and submit your ePetition using the “submit a new petition” link above. Democratic Services at the Council will review it and then keep you updated and informed about its progress. Please note, that if you have an existing online services [self-service] account with the Council, you will need a different username and password upon registration, signing or logging into an ePetition.