Executive post

Cabinet Member for Children, Families & Education


Service Portfolio


Directorate and Service areas the Cabinet Member is responsible for and where the Corporate / Executive Director responsible and Officers within will report directly to:


Education & SEND Directorate

Education, skills & life-long learning



Children & Young People’s Services Directorate

Children's Services / Safeguarding

Adult Services & Health Directorate

Children and Families Development (including Early Years and Children's Centres)


Joint service portfolio with Cabinet Member for Health and Social Care:

Central Services Directorate

Health integration / Voluntary Sector


Other responsibilities


To oversee and report to the Cabinet on the Council’s responsibilities and initiatives in respect of:-


·         Care services for children

·         Services for children with disabilities

·         Safeguarding  children

·         Adolescent mental health services

·         School attendance,

·         Young People’s Grants and awards schemes,

·         Home and hospital tuition,

·         Transport and travel concessions for school pupils,

·         School places,

·         Raising standards of education.

·         All other education services to children.

·         Youth services and youth centres

·         Youth Justice

·         Children’s centres

·         Careers service,

·         Adult and Community Learning and skills development (including the Hillingdon Music Service)

·         Corporate parenting

·         Implementation of the Safety Valve Agreement




1.    To exercise the LEA’s powers of intervention including the suspension of delegated powers from a governing body in accordance with the School Standards and Framework Act 1998 and related legislation.

2.    To receive monthly reports on the performance of schools.

3.    To approve or nominate appointments of Council nominees to School Governing Bodies and vary and approve Constitutions in accordance with the relevant legislation and any local procedures allowing nominations from all political groups.

4.    To monitor the performance of any schools where special measures have been applied.

5.    To consider Ofsted reports on schools in the Borough as necessary

6.    To determine school organisation proposals where no objections have been received.

7.    To approve the Agreed Syllabus from the Standing Advisory Council for Religious Education, receive their Annual Report and agree any changes to their Constitution

8.    To authorise, on behalf of the local authority, any Councillor (present or within the past four years) to be appointed to the office of Governor or Director at an Academy.

9.    To consider requests for School Redundancy Payments and decide whether to approve them on behalf of the Local Authority

10.In consultation with the Leader of the Council, to agree the process and determine the award of student bursaries.

11.To make determination on the following local choice appeals function:

12.appeals against decisions to refuse student awards.

13.appeals against decisions to refuse free travel from home to school or college.

14.Jointly with the Cabinet Member for Finance, to make decisions on the release of monies for capital projects within their remit.

15.Work with the Schools Forum to ensure the delivery of the Safety Valve Agreement and the sound financial management of the Dedicated Schools Grant.

16.To approve statements of purpose for Children’s homes and establishments.


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