Executive post

Cabinet Member for Health & Social Care


Service portfolio


Directorate and Service areas the Cabinet Member is responsible for and where the Corporate / Executive Director responsible and Officers within will report directly to:


Adult Services & Health Directorate

Adult Social Work


Adult Safeguarding


Provider & Commissioned Care


Public Health


Joint service portfolio with Cabinet Member for Children, Families & Education:

Central Services Directorate

Health integration / Voluntary Sector


Other responsibilities


To oversee and report to the Cabinet on the Council’s responsibilities and initiatives in respect of:-


·         Care services

·         Services for adults with disabilities

·         Safeguarding  adults

·         Adult Mental health services

·         The Council’s Domestic Abuse services and support

·         Services to asylum seekers

·         Public Health services

·         Partnerships with the Health and Voluntary sector to deliver better social care and health outcomes for residents

·         Health inequalities

·         Health Control Unit, Heathrow

·         Transport and travel for social services clients




1.    The Cabinet Member shall be a Co-Chairman of the Health and Wellbeing Board.

2.    Develop partnerships with other bodies, including the voluntary and community sector, to help residents live better lives.

3.    To provide link contact between the Council and the local Clinical Commissioning Group.

4.    To represent or recommend to Cabinet, another Councillor to represent the Council on the Authority’s Adoption and Permanency Panel and Fostering Panel.

5.    To consider monthly reports on sensitive services and those with significant budget implications, e.g. placements in residential homes.

6.    To make determination appeals against decisions to charge for home care and day care services.

7.    Jointly with the Cabinet Member for Finance, to make decisions on the release of monies for capital projects within their remit.

8.    Assess and monitor health inequalities and develop strategies with health partners to reduce those inequalities


Post is held by