Current ePetitions

Title Respondents Deadline to sign by
Against installation of 5G Mast on Appledore Avenue - 75724/APP/2020/2194 129 10/08/2020
Petition against Development of 3 Houses at 5/6 Firs Walk (30837/APP/2020/1723) 54 14/08/2020
Double Yellow Lines on the corner of Eamont Close & Allonby Drive 1 23/08/2020
Objection to Planning Application ref: 75553/APP/2020/1357 - To erect a new property on land between 10 & 11 Kent Close & 5 Fairlight Drive, Uxbridge 40 Finished
Petition opposing Planning Application at 17 Woodside Road, Northwood (new build ref:29754/APP/2020/1397) 42 Finished
Petition supporting Planning Application pertaining to land to the side of 17 Woodside Road, Northwood (ref: 29754/APP/2020/1397) 41 Finished

How to sign a current ePetition or submit your own one...

Hillingdon Council has a well established petitions process with high resident participation. With a valid petition of people living in the Borough, our petition scheme enables residents to put their views straight to Council decision-makers, such as the relevant Cabinet Member or a planning committee. An ePetition can be a more convenient alternative to a paper petition and the council provides a facility below for this. Here you can easily encouarge neighbours or other residents to log-in and sign, simply by emailing the link or posting on social media. The council also accepts ePetitions using other systems.


PLEASE NOTE: electronic petitions about council services require a minimum of 100 signatories of borough residents to be valid. Electronic petitions about current planning or licensing applications continue to require at least 20 signatories. You must live in the borough to submit a petition (the lead petitioner). Whilst anyone can sign an ePetition, only those signing who live in the borough will be counted as valid.


If you create your own ePetition, the Democratic Services Team at the Council will keep you updated and informed every step of the way. Please note, that if you have an existing online services [self-service] account with the Council, you will need a different username and password upon registration, signing or logging into a ePetition.

If you have any queries, please contact Democratic Services by email here.

Useful guidance...

Petitions about High Speed 2 (HS2): Schedule 17 applications (under the HS2 Act) are not considered by the Council to be planning applications as such and therefore any petitions relating to these applications will not be considered by the Council. This is because the law will always override any objections or petitions on such matters.
Your views when expressed in petitions: This is a useful facility for residents themselves to express their democratic views on local matters. As such, Hillingdon Council accepts no liability for the wording used in any e-petition and the views expressed in them by residents may not necessarily reflect those of the Council or other organisations mentioned.
Petitions that may be rejected or not accepted: The Council reserves the right to reject proposed petitions that are inappropriate, not feasible, do not relate to matters which are the direct responsibility of the Council, issues where there is a higher right of appeal or topics that may require the disclosure of confidential information. There are other justifiable reasons why the Council may not accept a petition and these can be found in our Petition Scheme here.