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Thursday, 21st May, 2020 7.00 pm

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Apologies for Absence


All Members were present for the virtual Cabinet meeting.


Declarations of Interest in matters before this meeting


No interests were declared by Members present.


To approve the minutes of the last Cabinet meeting pdf icon PDF 153 KB


The decisions and minutes of the Cabinet meeting held on 12 March 2020 were agreed as a correct record.


To confirm that the items of business marked Part 1 will be considered in public and that the items of business marked Part 2 in private


It was confirmed that all business would be held in public.


Hillingdon Council's Response to Coronavirus pdf icon PDF 2 MB




That Cabinet:


1.    Welcomes the substantial effort by the Council and the community groups to deliver an unprecedented local response to support Hillingdon residents during the Coronavirus National Emergency;


2.    Requests the Deputy Chief Executive communicates the Cabinet's gratitude for the critical work by Council staff, particularly front-line workers during this time;


3.    Ratifies the Emergency Decisions taken by the Leader of the Council, as set out in the report, and for formal public record.


Reasons for decision


The Leader of the Council introduced a special report which set out the extensive local response in Hillingdon to the COVID-19 pandemic to-date and the unparalleled operations that have taken place to ensure the continued delivery of essential public services to residents. It was welcomed that many services had successfully adapted and innovated, along with new services created from start, to support residents during the national emergency.


Whilst some popular events have been unfortunately cancelled, the Leader of the Council highlighted how key services and essential operations had continued for residents.


The Leader congratulated the extensive work led through a new community hub along with a new Food Delivery Team, co-ordinating support directly to more vulnerable and shielded residents, such as emergency food parcels, bespoke personal shopping and befriending telephone calls for those in isolation.


It was noted how the Council’s had also supported local businesses during the pandemic, including payments of business support grants and the application of extended business rate relief.


Cabinet ratified a number of Emergency Power decisions taken by the Leader during the pandemic on key service and operational matters, as per constitutional requirements.


Individual Cabinet Members outlined how some of their service areas had performed during the pandemic, praising the library staff, social care workers, children safeguarding teams and domestic abuse efforts to name just a few.


The Cabinet expressed its gratitude to Council staff, local organisations and residents in coming together in an unprecedented way. The Leader of the Council referred to the significant positive resident feedback received over the last few weeks and re-affirmed the Council’s mission to continue to deliver quality local services and support residents whilst our society moves to better times ahead.


Alternative options considered and rejected


The Council had duly considered different options when delivering services to residents during the pandemic, however, it was noted that the Council also had been required to follow UK Government advice, new emergency legislation and regulations across a wide variety of areas.


Officers to action:


·         Jean Palmer OBE, Deputy Chief Executive and Corporate Director of Residents Services

·         Mark Braddock, Chief Executive’s Office


Classification: Public


The report and any background papers relating to this decision by the Cabinet are available to view on the Council's website or by visiting the Civic Centre, Uxbridge.



Carers Strategy 2018-2020 Update pdf icon PDF 154 KB

Additional documents:




That Cabinet:


1.    Notes progress against the Carers Strategy delivery plan activity for 2019-20 and the work that the Council, its partners and Hillingdon Carers Partnership does to support those with caring responsibilities in the Borough.


2.    Approves the proposed approach to supporting Carers for the next two years as set out in the report.


Reasons for decision


Cabinet received an update on progress with implementing the 2018-2021 Carers’ Strategy and specifically the 2019/20 Delivery Plan arising from it. Cabinet welcomed the vital contribution carers make in the Borough and noted that during the pandemic, including through the work of Hillingdon Carers, specific support was being provided to those in hardship.


The Cabinet Member for Social Care, Health and Wellbeing highlighted the work on carer engagement, training and awareness that had taken place, including setting out the priorities for the year ahead. Thanks were paid to the steadfast work of the Council’s Carers’ Champion, Councillor Becky Haggar.


Alternative options considered and rejected




Officer to action:


Kate Kelly-Talbot - Social Care


Classification: Public


The report and any background papers relating to this decision by the Cabinet are available to view on the Council's website or by visiting the Civic Centre, Uxbridge.




Self-Build and Custom Build Housing (Charging & Eligibility) Criteria pdf icon PDF 150 KB




That the Cabinet:


  1. Approve the principle of introducing local eligibility criteria so that Hillingdon’s Self-build and Custom Build Register can be split into two parts.


  1. Notes that an Equalities Impact Assessment will be carried out into the Council's proposed local eligibility criteria and therefore approves a  public consultation to be carried out on the following local eligibility criteria for joining Part 1 of the Register:


  1. Residency in the Borough for at least 10 years prior to the date of application; or
  2. In the service of the regular armed forces or have served in the armed forces within the previous 3 years prior to the date of application.
  3. Able to provide evidence of access to sufficient resources to purchase land of at least £225,000.




  1. For associations of individuals wishing to be added to the Hillingdon Self-build and Custom build Register, at least three-quarters of the members of the association must meet the local connection criteria above and be able to demonstrate that the association collectively has sufficient financial resources to purchase a plot large enough to accommodate its members.


  1. Approve public consultation on the national eligibility criteria for Part 2 of the Register, which requires the applicant to be:
    1. Over 18 years old; and
    2. A British Citizen or national of an EEA State *; and
    3. Seeking to acquire a serviced plot of land to build a house to occupy as a sole or main residence.


  1. Approve public consultation on the introduction of fees for joining each part of the register as follows:

a.         Fee for Part 1 of the register: £90 for entry and an annual retention fee of £30.

b.         Fee for Part 2 of the register: £45 (no annual retention fee).


  1. The outcome of the public consultation together with a full Equalities Impact Assessment to be reported back to Cabinet for consideration prior to any changes being made to current practice.


*This would only continue to apply in accordance with future legislative provisions implemented at the end of the Brexit transition period.


Reasons for decision


The Cabinet Member for Planning and Transportation outlined how The Self-build and Custom Housebuilding Act 2015 imposed a duty upon the Council to maintain a register of individuals and associations of individuals who are seeking to acquire serviced plots of land in their area in order to build homes. Cabinet agreed to progress with consultation on local eligibility criteria and the introduction of fees for entry and retention on a Hillingdon’s Self-build and Custom Housebuilding Register, including a minimum residency of 10 years in the Borough prior to the date of application.


The Cabinet Member for Housing and The Environment explained how the 10 year residency requirement was consistent with existing housing tenure policies across the Borough.


Alternative options considered and rejected


Cabinet could have varied the proposed criteria and eligibility, such as not having a financial test or prior residency in the Borough, however, it was noted that through the public consultation, Cabinet would have the opportunity to duly consider feedback on this.


Officer to action:


Julia Johnson, Residents Services


Classification: Public


The report and any background papers relating to this decision by the Cabinet are available to view on the Council's website or by visiting the Civic Centre, Uxbridge.




Any other items the Chairman agrees are relevant or urgent


No additional items were considered by the Cabinet.


The meeting closed at 7.43pm.



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5pm, Friday 29 May 2020.



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