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Purpose of committee

The Cabinet - putting our residents first


Hillingdon is a modern, transparent Council delivering excellent local services and putting residents first. Key to delivering this is strong and effective governance by the Leader of the Council and Cabinet.


The Cabinet is the Council’s top Leadership Team, working closely with Officers. Chaired by the Leader of the Council, the Cabinet comprises 7 other Councillors (known as Cabinet Members) who are responsible and publicly accountable for a range of Council services or a ‘portfolio’, e.g. finance, planning, children's services etc…


On a daily basis Cabinet Members make decisions to improve the quality of life for residents, take a lead on local issues, support local campaigns and hold regular petition hearings listening directly to those living in the Borough, seeking to resolve local issues.


You can contact Cabinet Members by telephoning the Civic Centre on 01895 250316 or by email to:


Watching online or attending Cabinet Meetings


Monthly, Cabinet Members meet in public for Cabinet meetings to take the key decisions about the Borough.


These meetings are broadcast live to increase resident engagement in local democracy. You can watch Cabinet meetings live, or archived after the event, on the Council's YouTube channel: Hillingdon London. 


You are also welcome to attend a Cabinet meeting in person at the Civic Centre in Uxbridge. Details of when they are held are shown on this website, but they are usually at 7pm on the third Thursday of each month.


If you attend a Cabinet meeting you will not be able to directly speak, present to or lobby Councillors during the actual meeting, however, you are welcome to observe and listen to the proceedings quietly. We encourage people to attend Cabinet to see how Hillingdon Council is governed and decisions are made. For any further information, use the contact details below.


If there is a particular local matter that you wish to raise with a Cabinet Member, then we recommend you to take part in our well established Petitions Scheme in which thousands of residents each year participate in.


Individuals wishing to record Cabinet meetings


Whilst the Council will live broadcast and record Cabinet meetings itself, anyone is welcome to film or record proceedings held in the public part of the meeting, as long as it does not disrupt things on the night. We recommended you give advance notice, so we can try and ensure any particular requirements can be met. For the Council's part, we will provide a seating area for residents/public, a media table and high speed WiFi access to those attending. To find out more, the Council's Policy is available to read and you can contact Democratic Services Team on 01895 250636 for further advice.


Find out more about upcoming Cabinet business


The business of the Cabinet, i.e. decisions it will make, are published in advance on the Forward Plan – often up to 4 months in advance. To see what decisions are going to be taken at a particular Cabinet meeting, or individually by Cabinet Members in the future, please visit the link here.


Nearer the time of a Cabinet meeting, an agenda is published on this website setting out any public and private reports under consideration by the Cabinet (they are available about a week before the meeting).


The decisions made by the Cabinet are then usually published the day after the meeting and are also available on this website to view. See the “browse meetings and agendas” link at the top of this page to view any historical Cabinet reports and decisions.


Consideration of private business by the Cabinet


Whilst Cabinet meetings will be open to the public and media to attend, there will inevitably be some matters that need to be considered in private, that if discussed in public, might prejudice the public interest.  The public are kindly required to leave the room when the Cabinet gets to such matters, usually at towards the end of the meeting. Examples might be:


  • information about an individual, e.g. under the Data Protection Act;
  • the value of land that the Council wishes to sell, which might affect the price negotiated if discussed in public, jeopardising getting the best return for local taxpayers;
  • the details of proposed contracts for goods, services or works that might reveal commercially confidential information or might affect the price the Council has to pay if other companies bidding new what others bid.


However, to be as transparent as possible, any decisions the Cabinet takes in private will be made public after the meeting on this website.


The public has a right to make representations about any upcoming decisions to taken in private at a Cabinet meeting. You can do this by email: . Such representations must be received in advance of 5 clear working days before the date Cabinet meeting itself, normally by the preceding Wednesday. Cabinet meetings are held at the Civic Centre, Uxbridge, Middlesex, UB8 1UW, usually starting at 7pm on Thursdays, but subject to change in accordance with legal notice periods.




Contact information

Support officer: Mark Braddock - email: / Telephone: 01895 250470. If you are attending the meeting, please enter via main reception and visit the security desk to sign-in and collect a visitors pass. You will then be directed to the Committee Room.

Postal address:
Democratic Services
London Borough of Hillingdon
High Street, Uxbridge

Phone: 01895 250470

Fax: 01895 277373


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