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The Cabinet - putting residents first

Hillingdon is a modern, transparent Council delivering excellent local services and putting residents first. Key to delivering this is strong and effective governance by the Leader of the Council and Cabinet.


The Cabinet is the Council’s top Leadership Team, working closely with Officers. Chaired by the Leader of the Council, the Cabinet comprises 7 other Councillors (known as Cabinet Members) who are responsible and publicly accountable for a range of Council services or a ‘portfolio’, e.g. finance, planning, children's services etc…


On a daily basis Cabinet Members make decisions to improve local services to residents, take a lead on local issues, support local campaigns and hold regular petition hearings listening directly to those living in the Borough, seeking to resolve local issues.



Who are the Cabinet Members?

The Leader of the Council announced an update Cabinet membership from 17 January 2020 as follows:


Councillor Sir Ray Puddifoot MBE      

Leader of the Council (Chairman of the Cabinet)

Councillor Jonathan Bianco


Deputy Leader of the Council, (Vice-Chairman of the Cabinet) and Cabinet Member for Finance, Property and Business Services

Councillor Susan O'Brien


Cabinet Member for Education Children & Youth Services

Councillor Keith Burrows


Cabinet Member for Planning & Transportation

Councillor Jane Palmer


Cabinet Member for Social Care, Health & Wellbeing

Councillor Philip Corthorne


Cabinet Member for Housing & the Environment

Councillor Douglas Mills


Cabinet Member for Community, Commerce and Regeneration

Councillor Richard Lewis


Cabinet Member for Central Services, Culture & Heritage


To find out more about each Cabinet Member’s responsiblities, you can view their delegations here.


Watching or attending a Cabinet meeting

Monthly, Cabinet Members meet in public for Cabinet meetings to take the key decisions about the Borough. These are held at the Civic Centre (currently virtually in light of the pandemic).


Cabinet meetings are broadcast live to increase resident engagement in local democracy. You can watch Cabinet meetings live, or archived after the event, on the Council's YouTube channel: Hillingdon London.



You are also welcome to attend a Cabinet meeting in person at the Civic Centre in Uxbridge. Details of when they are held are shown on this website, but they are usually at 7pm on the third Thursday of each month.


If you attend a Cabinet meeting you will not be able to directly speak, present to or lobby Councillors during the actual meeting, however, you are welcome to observe and listen to the proceedings quietly. We encourage people to attend Cabinet to see how Hillingdon Council is governed and decisions are made. For any further information, use the contact details below.


If there is a particular local matter that you wish to raise with a Cabinet Member, then we recommend you to take part in our well established Petitions Scheme in which thousands of residents each year participate in.


You can contact Cabinet Members by telephoning the Civic Centre on 01895 250316 or by email to:



What decisions will Cabinet be making?

The business of the Cabinet, i.e. decisions it will make at meetings in the coming months are published in advance on the Forward Plan. This document is updated monthly and can be viewed here.


About a week before a Cabinet meeting, an agenda is published on this website setting out any reports under consideration by the Cabinet for the meeting. The decisions made by the Cabinet are then usually published the day after the meeting to view.


Cabinet will consider most items in public, but there will be some business in private that generally relates to contracts or commercially sensitive information. However, for transparency the decisions made, irrespective of whether considered in public or private are published on this website.


The public has a right to make representations about any upcoming decisions to taken in private at a Cabinet meeting. You can do this by email to Such representations must be received by close of play Monday on the week preceding the Cabinet meeting.




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