Agenda and minutes

Hillingdon Standing Advisory Council on Religious Education - Wednesday, 5th November, 2014 7.30 pm

Venue: Committee Room 4 - Civic Centre, High Street, Uxbridge UB8 1UW. View directions

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Adviser's Report


The Adviser provided oral feedback on the Walk Through the Bible (WTTB) training session and noted that there had been a good response from attendees. As a result of the session, a number of schools that sent representatives to the session had now taken up the offer of class sets of Bibles. The only negative feedback from the event was on the Middlesex Suite bar which was used as a venue was not considered an appropriate space. This issue would be addressed in the future. 


WTTB attendees had also requested that similar events be put on for different faiths. It was agreed that the Adviser to HSACRE would contact the London School of Theological to see whether they could assist with the provision of a similar event for the Islamic faith.


A member raised concerns that the current curriculum focussed exclusively on religions and did not reflect 'world views'. This was an issue raised in the recent RE Council Review of RE in England and by the Human Rights Commission. It was agreed that a paper would be drafted for the next meeting on initiating a review of the agreed syllabus as it was almost five years since the last review concluded.


The National Association of Standing Advisory Councils on Religious Education (NASACRE) was holding a "Collective Worship Conference" on 27 November 2014. Members interested in attending the conference were asked to inform the Adviser or the Chairman. It was also noted that training on this area could be provided more locally.


Information was provided on the Farmington Fellowship for Teachers of RE and research on RE being undertaken by Goldsmiths, University of London.


HSACRE discussed the measures being put in place following the recent Trojan Horse incident in Birmingham. It was noted that there was an increase in the number of RE specialists in schools as a result of these events and that Free Schools were now required to produce a statement on equality duties and the teaching of RE.



1.    The Adviser to HSACRE enquire of the London School of Theology whether they could assist with the provision of training on the Islamic faith;

2.    The Adviser to HSACRE and officers produce a paper on reviewing the agreed syllabus; and

3.    Members interested in attending the NASACRE conference on collective worship contact the Adviser to HSACRE.


Minutes from the meeting dated 17 June 2014 pdf icon PDF 133 KB


RESOLVED: That the minutes of the meeting held on 17 June 2014 were agreed as a correct record.


Training plan for Primary RE


The Chairman advised that the feedback received indicated that RE teachers wished to improve their subject knowledge. Consequently, he had been in contact with RE Today to provide training for Hillingdon Schools in this area.  Tentative dates had been agreed for early 2015. The first event could be provided within the HSACRE budget but further events would have to be funded by schools.


HSACRE was provided with an update on RE Clusters which had recently been trialled in the Borough and had been a useful resource for those who had taken part. It was agreed that HSACRE would continue to fund this initiative and undertake some further work to determine where future clusters might be located. However, for the time being, only one cluster would be trialled and an assessment of whether to expand made at a later date.


The Chairman advised that representatives from the RE Quality Mark were willing to come to Hillingdon to explain more about the scheme. A date for the session would be circulated to members when it was agreed.



1.    HSACRE would continue to fund the current RE cluster and assess whether to expand this initiative at a later date; and

2.    Once agreed, a date for a session on the RE Quality Mark be circulated to members.


Secondary HOD meetings


Members were advised that there were currently three events annually with six or seven schools attending. The events were facilitated by students. It was noted that a good offer was being developed and that there was a move towards a marketised system.


RE Quiz for Primary Schools


An update was provided on the proposed RE quiz event for children which would be similar to that already run for Mathematics. Headteachers had been consulted and had advised that the Autumn Term was likely to be the best time for the event as it would allow ample time for preparation. The event would be aimed at year six students and schools would be given an idea of what areas would be covered in the quiz.


It was agreed that a group of HSACRE members would be convened to decide which areas would be covered in the questions. The event would be an enjoyable one and would celebrate what the young people had learnt.


RESOLVED: That members interested in being involved in developing questions for the quiz contact the HSACRE Clerk.


Ideas for SACRE Conference 2015


Members were informed that there had been HSACRE Conferences in the past and that there was currently means within the budget to organise another one. This had previously involved getting a speaker of some eminence to present. This had historically been done on a weekday evening but it was noted that this could be changed.


Members were asked to contact the Chairman with ideas as to what the conference would focus on. A paper would also be developed by the Chairman on what the purpose of the event would be, who the intended audience was etc.



1.    Members contact the Chairman with ideas on what a HSACRE Conference could focus on; and

2.    The Chairman provide a paper on the remit and intended audience of the conference.