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Residents' Services Select Committee

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Information about Residents' Services Select Committee


In addition to formal reviews and information items carried out by the Committee, Members also participate in visits to frontline services within the remit of the Select Committee. These visits provide an opportunity to meet with staff and gain a better understanding of the work they do thereby enabling Members to identify and improve the quality of potential future review topics.

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To undertake the overview and scrutiny role in relation to the following Cabinet Member portfolio(s) and service areas:


·         Cabinet Member for Residents’ Services

·         Community Safety, Licensing, Standards and Enforcement

·         Planning & Regeneration

·         Housing policy, homelessness & tenancy management

·         Green Spaces, Sport & Culture

·         Waste Services


Statutory Crime and Disorder Scrutiny


This Committee will act as a Crime and Disorder Committee as defined in the Crime and Disorder (Overview and Scrutiny) Regulations 2009 and carry out the bi-annual scrutiny of decisions made, or other action taken, in connection with the discharge by the responsible authorities of their crime and disorder functions.


Duty of partners to attend and provide information


The Crime and Disorder (Overview and Scrutiny) Regulations 2009 permits this Select Committee to make a request in writing for information to bodies who form the local Crime and Disorder Reduction Partnership (Safer Hillingdon Partnership), which includes the Police. The Committee should scrutinise the work of the partnership at least once a year and may also require the attendance before it of an officer or employee of a responsible authority or of a co-operating person or body in order to answer questions. The Committee may not require a person to attend unless reasonable notice of the intended date of attendance has been given to that person.


Cross-cutting topics


This Committee will also act as lead select committee on the monitoring and review of the following cross-cutting topics:


·         Climate Change

·         Local impacts of Heathrow expansion

·         Local impacts of High Speed 2

·         Community Cohesion