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Celebrate Black History Month in Hillingdon

We the undersigned petition Hillingdon Council to reinstate Black History Month celebrations in Hillingdon borough.

As the petition raised by Kerry Longia last year stated, "Black History Month has not been observed in Hillingdon for over 10 years. Reintroducing Black History Month would benefit everyone in the Borough; it would provide an opportunity for education and a deepening of cultural awareness, and would send a message of inclusivity and understanding. It could be seen that the refusal to observe Black History Month suggests that Hillingdon Borough and its Council Members either do not understand the depth of systemic racism and social injustice and how these issues affect our friends and neighbours, or they are accepting of prejudice and discrimination. The initiative called “Diversity Month” is not, and has not been, a satisfactory replacement for Black History Month."

In addition, Kerry's article linked below summarises additional resources and rationale to support the need for a Black History Month: https://www.hillingdonvision.com/News/Black-History-Month-is-important.-Hillingdon-Council-must-re-assess-their-decision.

By having Diversity Month instead of Black History Month, the focus moves away from the experiences and achievements of Black people, diluting the importance and authenticity of Black stories.

Other London boroughs have understood this and made a move away from Diversity Month back to celebrating Black History Month. For example here is a link to Wandsworth Borough Council's reintroduced Black History Month after recognising its importance in 2020: https://www.wandsworth.gov.uk/the-council/how-the-council-works/equality-and-diversity/black-history-month/

Here are examples of messages and resources shared by neighboring boroughs Harrow and Hounslow in support of Black History Month last year: https://www.harrow.gov.uk/news/article/10834/black-history-month-a-message-from-harrow-council-leader-graham-henson

All of the above demonstrate a renewed awareness and commitment to recognising and celebrating the significant contribution that Black people have made to Britain in neighbouring boroughs. We the undersigned want the council to know that a Black History Month of educational activities and celebrations in Hillingdon would be a reflection of the council's recognition of the important contribution Black people have made and continue to make to Hillingdon Borough.

On reaching 100 signatures it will be formally considered by the Council and relevant Cabinet Member. Local ward Councillors will also be made aware of the petition. The Council's Democratic Services Team will keep the lead petitioner updated on progress.

This ePetition ran from 16/06/2021 to 16/09/2021 and has now finished.

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