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197 Field End Road

We the undersigned petition Hillindgon Council to refuse application 22149/APP/2017/2101 and for Eastcote Residents' Association to be able to make representations to the North Planning Committee

This application should be classed as a retrospective application as the work has already been carried out.
The submitted drawing does not accurately reflect the construction already in situ.
The construction obliterates the decorative brickwork at the side of this building.
The size and colour [bright orange] of these shutters is out of keeping with the ‘metroland’ street scene.
This side extension sits on the boundary with the footpath near a very busy corner / controlled pedestrian crossing. When in use this side extension causes obstruction to the footpath.

On reaching 20 signatures it may be considered in conjunction with the relevant live planning application at an upcoming Committee meeting. This will enable the lead petitioner (or their representative) to have the opportunity to speak at the meeting directly to Councillors before a decision is made. The Council's Democratic Services Team will be in touch with the lead petitioner to advise and take this forward accordingly.

This ePetition ran from 01/08/2017 to 20/08/2017 and has now finished.

213 people signed this ePetition.