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Petition Hearing - Cabinet Member for Property, Highways & Transport - Wednesday, 22nd March, 2023 7.00 pm

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Note No. Item


Declarations of Interest in matters coming before this meeting


There were no declarations of interest.


To confirm that the business of the meeting will take place in public


It was confirmed that all items of business were in Part I and would be considered in public.


To consider the report of the officers on the following petitions received:





The Cabinet Member considered a petition from residents requesting a zebra crossing on Hatch Lane, Harmondsworth. The lead petitioner introduced himself as the Chair of Governors, previous vice-Chair, and previous member of the governing board at Harmondsworth Primary School. The petitioner noted their good local connections within the school community, further noting that the 26 signatures on the petition was likely an under-representation of the backing of the petition.


Bus Stop B on Hatch Lane currently had no pavement beside it, although there was a nearby dropped kerb that was used as an informal crossing point. Parents had highlighted to the petitioner near misses in terms of potential accidents and the petitioner noted the considerable number of people crossing the road to use the bus stop that morning alone. It was highlighted that elderly people in particular struggled to make the crossing to the bus stop. The proposed zebra crossing would allow access for all.


The opposite side of the road to the bus stop provided easy walking access through Candover Close to Harmondsworth Primary School. It was further noted that parents did not encourage their children use this route due to safety concerns, and many were instead driving in. Related to this, the petitioner highlighted school children making the transition from Year 6 to Secondary School, and how this would often lead to increased independence in travel terms as using buses increased independence. A high percentage of school children lived outside the Harmondsworth Village area and needed to make use of a range of transport options including buses.


Safety was of paramount importance, and this was backed up by teachers, the headteacher, governing board, parents and students of Harmondsworth Primary School. A zebra crossing would provide a safe walking route for children as well as Heathrow employees and had a number of benefits to the community.


Councillor Nelson addressed the Cabinet Member as Ward Councillor for Heathrow Villages. Councillor Nelson was in support of the petition and noted that she was also a governor of the school. At the bus stop, there was no walkway, only a small, concreted area. Safety was the primary concern as drivers often exceeded the 20mph speed limit, especially during rush hour. It was noted that it was difficult to cross the road and residents sometimes resorted to entering the road to stop traffic to allow children to cross, which added to the safety concerns. Councillor Nelson gave her full support to the petitioner and asked the Cabinet Member to consider the best form of safety for school children and residents.


Officers noted their thanks to the petitioner for submitting the petition but noted that the lack of footway was a challenge. It was noted that the verge was narrow and that the land beyond the hedge line was privately-owned land. There was only limited space for passengers to alight from buses. Officers noted the helpful testimony of the petitioner and Ward Councillor.


The Cabinet Member asked if there was a pavement nearby, and  ...  view the full minutes text for item 19.





The Cabinet Member considered a petition from residents requesting parking restrictions and double yellow lines on Hill Lane and Orchard Close, Ruislip. Two petitioners attended and addressed the Cabinet Member. The request was for double yellow lines at the top of Orchard Close as there was an issue of double parking which had worsened as a result of HS2. This had led to occasions where fire engines and ambulances had not had enough space to get through. Often cars were double parked for several days at a time. It was noted that Orchard Close was a narrow road and there was also an issue of drivers struggling to get out of their drives. The petitioners presented photos to the Cabinet Member. A previous proposal for double yellow lines from September 2014 was referenced, and the petitioners clarified that the difference between the previous and current proposals were the lengths of the proposed double yellow lines. It was further noted that cars parking on both sides of the road led to the road effectively becoming a single carriageway.


Councillors Corthorne, Riley and Smallwood attended as Ruislip Ward Councillors and addressed the Cabinet Member. The Ward Councillors noted that this had been a longstanding issue and noted previous liaison with officers. It was further noted that the issue was linked to HS2. The location in question was very congested. The Ward Councillors thanked the Cabinet Member and Officers for hearing the petition as the original petition received 14 signatures, which was below the usual threshold of 20 signatures for a petition to be considered valid. The Ward Councillors suggested that this was not a complicated issue and suggested a consultation on double yellow lines as the current situation was not good, especially in case of emergencies.


The Cabinet Member clarified that by ‘double parking’ the petitioners were referring to parking on both sides of the road and the petitioners clarified that there were existing double yellow lines around the corners of the junction. The petitioners noted the difficulty of getting out of the drives of No. 21 Orchard Close and of No. 2 Field Close, which had its back door and dropped kerb on Orchard Close.


It was highlighted that implementing double yellow lines may just move the issues to surrounding roads. The petitioners clarified that there were a number of dropped kerbs, and one side of Orchard Close had only the back of the houses on Field Close, and so the issue would not be shifted to other areas.




That the Cabinet Member for Property, Highways and Transport:


1.    Met with petitioners and listened to their request for parking restrictions and double yellow lines in Hill Lane and Orchard Close, Ruislip; and


2.    Asked officers to add this request to the Council’s extensive Parking Scheme Programme for further investigation and consultation.





The Cabinet Member considered two related petitions from residents requesting the Council implement a 20mph zone and a Parking Management Scheme between the junction of The Ridgeway with Hawtrey Drive and Westholme Gardens. The lead petitioner attended and outlined their two related petitions.


The petitioner thanked their Ward Councillors for their support and noted that the PMS was the main objective, although the 20mph zone was also required to address the issues, one of which was the safety of school children of Warrender Primary and Bishop Ramsey Secondary schools which were nearby. This section of The Ridgeway was on a direct route from Ruislip Manor tube and bus stops to Bishop Ramsey school, which increased safety concerns. It was noted that Warrender Primary School was increasing in size, and this would also lead to further increased safety concerns.


Unrestricted and inconsiderate parking were the main cause of road safety issues on a narrow road with a number of bends. This also heightened the risk of sight line issues where vehicles often could not see each other until they were very close together. This all contributed to increased driver impatience and confrontations between residents, and one incident of road rage in July 2022 was referenced. A 20mph zone alone would not tackle the road safety issues.


The petitioner referenced the recommendation for 24/7 traffic and speed surveys but noted that these would not consider parked vehicles. It was noted that while Parking Management Schemes were not usually implemented in such small areas, The Ridgeway was a special case due to the issue of sight lines. A small Parking Management Scheme in nearby Windmill Way was referenced. The petitioner indicated that they would be happy to be consulted on being part of a wider Parking Management Scheme and 20mph zone. Reference was given to the next agenda item, which also concerned The Ridgeway. The petitioner noted that there had been a previous consultation a number of years ago concerning yellow lines, however there had not been any consultations on a parking scheme that would limit parking to residents and their visitors to one hour in the morning and one hour in the afternoon.


Councillors Corthorne, Riley and Smallwood attended as Ruislip Ward Councillors and addressed the Cabinet Member. The Ward Councillors noted the historical nature of the issues and referenced the problem of sight lines, vehicle speed, and congestion. Councillor Corthorne noted that they were generally not in favour of Parking Management Schemes, however, the safety concerns in this case warranted further consideration. Councillor Riley noted his support for the petition; referenced a number of near misses; and noted that a solution was required to address the speed and parking issues. Councillor Smallwood noted the nearby Warrender Primary and Bishop Ramsey Secondary schools, and that the close vicinity to the two schools increased the safety concerns.


The Cabinet Member noted that Parking Management Schemes were not implemented unless directly requested, but further noted that they were not generally implemented in such small  ...  view the full minutes text for item 21.





The Cabinet Member considered a petition from residents requesting designated crossing points and traffic calming measures on The Ridgeway. Three pupils of Warrender Primary School addressed the Cabinet Member alongside a teacher and Headteacher.


The pupils noted that Article 6 of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child stated that every child has the inherent right to life, and the State has an obligation to ensure the child’s survival and development. On one Monday morning, pupils of Warrender Primary’s School Council conducted an observation on The Ridgeway which found that 200 vehicles had passed by within 20 minutes, with many drivers driving dangerously, while a number of parents attempted to cross the road. Of a survey of 102 people, 90% felt unsafe or very unsafe, and only three respondents reported feeling safe. Many vehicles travelled down The Ridgeway at speed, and while the school supported children walking and crossing unsupervised in principle, this was not safe to implement. This part of The Ridgeway was the main thoroughfare between Warrender Primary and Bishop Ramsey Secondary schools, and so there was a large number of pedestrians using this route. Safety was of paramount importance.


The Cabinet Member commended the pupils for their presentation. The petitioners raised the possibility of a zebra crossing or a School Crossing Patrol Officer, but the Cabinet Member noted that School Crossing Patrol Officers were being phased out. It was further noted that there was a zebra crossing on Windmill Hill, in one direction from Warrender Primary School, but nothing in the opposite Bishop Ramsey direction. The issue of sight lines was highlighted and Officers noted that the recommendations would amount to a holistic approach with the previous agenda item. It was noted that a 20mph zone outside schools could be considered, but road humps were not a favourable option. Officers noted the past close working relationship between the school and the Council’s School Travel and Road Safety Team, and the headteacher noted their own work on ‘Bikeability’ and walking routes. It was further noted that students walked to nearby Highgrove pool for swimming lessons. Officers noted that if the school worked with the School Travel and Road Safety Team, that other funding opportunities could become available.


Councillors Corthorne, Riley and Smallwood attended as Ruislip Ward Councillors and addressed the Cabinet Member. Councillor Smallwood suggested an additional recommendation of noting the work of Warrender School Council in bringing the petition before the Cabinet Member. Councillor Smallwood also referred to the three respondents to the school-conducted survey feeling safe, which pointed to the need for safety measures to be implemented. Councillor Corthorne noted that he had attended the school recently and asked to be kept informed of progress of any implementation. Councillor Riley noted that crossing points were the main issue arising from this petition and should be the focus of any implementation, and further noted the concerns of the young people themselves, which in itself highlighted the need for action.




That the Cabinet Member for  ...  view the full minutes text for item 22.